Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oceans Review: Unicorns Exist In The Deep Blue Seas!

Disneynature Oceans opened this past week alongside Earth Day 2010 and I got a chance to see it on Friday, April 23rd.

I am a complete animal lover and was also happy to know that my ticket purchase would go into a donations pot to help save our coral reefs.The directors of the film, Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud made the movie a great success from the beginning to the end and also with the voice of Pierce Brosnan, narrating. If you just look deeper under the waves and the huge blue bodies of water, there is a separate community down there. There are so many different fish and animals that spend their time down there. I saw fish with the same look of a unicorn with the point that sticks out in all the make-believe drawings. Well, there are huge fish with the unicorn point.  This was absolutely amazing to see.

I could not get over this fish that looked like a lobster and a crab battling right at the bottom of the ocean over territory. The lobster-looking fish was digging himself a comfortable hiding place and along comes a crab passing by the wrong area. The lobster-looking fish got angry and begins poking and pushing the crab. They start battling, when all of a sudden one of the crabs arms are pulled out of socket. The lobster-like fish didn't stop there. I would've thought that the crab would run by this time, but he stood there and he got the most priceless TKO hit I've ever seen. It was better than a knockout in a boxing match.

There were some fish that just blended so well into their oceanic environment. They would prefer to live in peace, but have a tasty fish or two if they came by unexpectedly.

The whales were captured in their life's light. They were so huge, but possessed so much love and sensitivity.

There are so many fish and species of fish that live in the oceans around the globe that we as humans must protect. It is always devastating when lives are lost due to a natural disaster. Many homes are destroyed and people must leave the area or fight to rebuild. Fish of all types live in our oceans and have to deal with fish nets, waste, oil spills, and the risk of extinction.

If you are into National Geographic, you will love this. If you want to understand what exists below the surface, you will love Oceans. The donations for helping save our coral reefs is only being received for the first week of its running so I hope you got a chance to see it.

Leave your feedback. Share your thoughts on the movie celebrating Earth Day 2010.

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