Sunday, October 16, 2022

Summer Garden Cleaning for Fall Planting #Gardening

It has been a very productive summer growing season. I have tried some new vegetables like Okra and a new cucumber variety. A few vegetables did not make it, but I will try again next year, like the Black Beauty Eggplant, which did not like the heat so much, it was too hot a little too soon for the plant. I had a fantastic season of sunflowers and will be planting more for the Fall, just in time for Halloween and a little bit into November, with our late November first frost date. My zinnias lasted the entire season and dropped SO many seeds that they are growing again, along with some transplants I picked up at the garden center, not knowing they were coming. I am starting my Fall vegetables indoors and will share more with you as the weeks go by. 

I hope you are doing well and feeling well and enjoying your garden or getting some fresh air out in nature.

In the video below, I am Summer cleaning the garden to prepare for fall planting. This year, I will be ready to plant my Brassicas on time.

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Monday, October 10, 2022

Replacing Front Porch Wooden Railing #Diyprojects

I hope all has been well. I have been super busy this summer and I'm still completing DIY projects as they come along into the fall season. In this video, I am replacing the front porch railing. The wooden banister could no longer be repaired with wood filler. I decided to use redwood because it is rot-resistant and hopefully will hold up to the hot sun and rain that's coming this Fall. It was a pretty straightforward project, but getting those screws lined up to screw in the ballisters was the toughest part of this DIY project, but I did it and you can too if this is a project on your to-do list. Be patient with yourself and grab a helper if you need to. Your project will be completed before you know it! 

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Laying Vigoro Mulch in the Garden #GardeningTips

It's finally time to lay Vigoro Mulch in the garden to complete the landscaping in the central area of my garden. I decided to use Vigoro because it was available at my local hardware store and they were also having their Spring sale so I had to take advantage of a good deal. I purchased approximately 65 bags. Now that I am enjoying gardening I look for deals. I wanted to use a local business, but I couldn't find a company working on my specific project and timeframe. Since I laid the landscape fabric first, the Vigoro mulch was a breeze to put down. I decided to purchase their brown mulch, but it comes in other colors, red and black also. I wanted to remain as natural as possible. I'm not going to be watering my mulch so I wasn't worried about it discoloring so I'm expecting it to maintain its color for some time. Overall, I am happy with the Vigoro mulch and will be purchasing again next year to refill some areas that may need a touch-up. At the end of this video, I show a panoramic view of the end result. It feels good to now have a nice space to continue to grow more fruits and vegetables. 

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Laying Landscape Fabric in the Garden

Before getting into the garden, I have to feed my pet babies, two dogs, two cats, two guinea pigs, two goldfish, and a bunch of cichlids. Once they are satisfied, I can enjoy my day in the garden. In this case, it took me two days to completely cover my garden area with landscape fabric, but I'm SO glad I did it. I love it! I purchased the landscape fabric from Amazon and it arrived fast. I was surprised since it was so heavy and bulky, but it is a nice woven fabric. I wanted to try this type of fabric this time to see how well it holds up to the weeds. The wind was blowing pretty hard on this day and I was doing this project by myself so rocks definitely came in handy. So far I like the landscape fabric I purchased and would recommend it to others. I know other YouTubers who garden in-ground use it too, but it's working out nicely for me.  The video below shows my process for completing this task, laying landscape fabric in the garden.

Are you working on a garden this year? If so, how has it been going?

Products I Used in This Video

Weed Barrier 6.5 x 300 FT Garden Landscape Fabric 

Ashman Landscape Staples, 200 Count Heavy Duty & Anti Rust 

Monday, June 13, 2022

Visting Ojai, CA for My Birthday Trip

In this video below, I am visiting Ojai, CA for my birthday trip. I was SO busy during the week on my actual birthday, June 9th, that I had to celebrate during the weekend and explore then too. I like to do something new and different when my birthday comes around. I enjoy learning new things and discovering new places, so I decided to visit Ojai, CA. My good friend enjoyed her visit so I thought that I would make it my travel destination for this year. First, I took a hike in Rose Valley Falls, which led to a beautiful waterfall, hidden in the woods. It was the most memorable part of my trip. Then we ate at a vegan restaurant, checked out some of the shops, and the day was fast approaching evening so we had to get on the road to head back home. I had a pleasant birthday and am very thankful to see another year.

Have you been to Ojai, CA? What did you think? Share in the comments below.

Thanks for watching! Stay safe and well.

Planting First Vegetable Transplants in the Garden

In this video below, I am planting my first vegetable transplants of the year. I have been growing lots of vegetables indoors, but I felt that it was time to get some out in the raised beds to see if it was an ideal time to start growing. I am growing some vegetables that I didn't have much luck with last year during my first-year gardening experience. So, you'll see if I had better results and I also include a recent update on how the vegetables are doing, now in June. Hopefully, you are starting to grow your own vegetables. If so, share some of your favorite vegetables and how they are doing in the comments below. The only insect that I'm really looking out for right now is the earwig. That bug is out and on a, but I am ready for him and mention a Bonide product that I have been using to keep him away from my leafy greens.

Product I'm using for the earwigs in addition to Diatomaceous Earth - Bonide Bug & Slug Killer Bait, 1.5 lbs, Granules

Red Russian Kale and Sugar Baby Watermelon seeds among others were purchased from
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