Monday, June 13, 2022

Visting Ojai, CA for My Birthday Trip

In this video below, I am visiting Ojai, CA for my birthday trip. I was SO busy during the week on my actual birthday, June 9th, that I had to celebrate during the weekend and explore then too. I like to do something new and different when my birthday comes around. I enjoy learning new things and discovering new places, so I decided to visit Ojai, CA. My good friend enjoyed her visit so I thought that I would make it my travel destination for this year. First, I took a hike in Rose Valley Falls, which led to a beautiful waterfall, hidden in the woods. It was the most memorable part of my trip. Then we ate at a vegan restaurant, checked out some of the shops, and the day was fast approaching evening so we had to get on the road to head back home. I had a pleasant birthday and am very thankful to see another year.

Have you been to Ojai, CA? What did you think? Share in the comments below.

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Planting First Vegetable Transplants in the Garden

In this video below, I am planting my first vegetable transplants of the year. I have been growing lots of vegetables indoors, but I felt that it was time to get some out in the raised beds to see if it was an ideal time to start growing. I am growing some vegetables that I didn't have much luck with last year during my first-year gardening experience. So, you'll see if I had better results and I also include a recent update on how the vegetables are doing, now in June. Hopefully, you are starting to grow your own vegetables. If so, share some of your favorite vegetables and how they are doing in the comments below. The only insect that I'm really looking out for right now is the earwig. That bug is out and on a, but I am ready for him and mention a Bonide product that I have been using to keep him away from my leafy greens.

Product I'm using for the earwigs in addition to Diatomaceous Earth - Bonide Bug & Slug Killer Bait, 1.5 lbs, Granules

Red Russian Kale and Sugar Baby Watermelon seeds among others were purchased from
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Planting Sunflowers in the Garden

In the video below, I am planting sunflower seeds in the garden. I purchased my seeds from Eden Brothers and another vendor, mentioned in the video. Overall, the sunflowers germinated nicely in my garden. However, earwigs decided to nibble on many of my baby sunflowers in the ground so I had to grow more indoors and fill in the areas where the earwigs had their feasts. I left some Bonide pellets for organic gardening down which seems to be working. Many sunflowers bounced back from the nibbling and are growing taller and taller every day. It really seems to be perseverance and consistency that keeps the garden growing. It's starting to pay off now. This video shows you how I planted the sunflower seeds and a quick update on their status after planting. I'm hoping to show their huge blooms on a future garden tour. It should be a sight to see.

Planting Hosta Roots in Containers Before Transplanting

I planted my Hosta roots in containers before transplanting them in my designated garden area. I decided to do this so that they could have a good start in a controlled environment, free of too much insect pressure. I added Plantone and earthworm casting to my soil and moistened the soil thoroughly and then I planted them. I did soak the hosta roots overnight to wake them up, but they have been on their way. I do provide an update on my hosta plants in this video as well. They are really easy to grow and start from bare roots.

Are you growing hostas this year? Share any tips you have in the comments below.

How-To Video

The product I used in the video

Thursday, May 12, 2022

How to Use Vigoro No-Dig Landscape Edging Kit #intheGarden

I am progressing even more in my garden, as I get it ready for more fruits and vegetables. I decided to use the Vigoro No-Dig Landscape Edging Kit in the garden to prepare the area for placing landscape fabric and then mulch. I also needed to define the spaces within my garden for planting sunflower seeds and my zinnias. The product comes with everything you need and if you need to purchase more stakes that's possible too. I used what was provided in the box. The instructions recommended using a rubber mallet, however, I just used a hammer and it worked nicely. The job was a quick one so this video is pretty quick as well. I will keep you posted on the next steps in this project as I continue to prepare the space for this year's growing season. I found this Vigoro product in my local hardware store, but you can find it on Amazon as well.

60 ft. No-Dig Landscape Edging Kit

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Planting Strawberries in Containers for Spring #Gardening

I planted three varieties of strawberries for this year in March. I wanted to try again and plant some strawberries in a large container versus my raised beds. Last year, they really didn't do that well in that area. I have added chicken manure, fertilizer, and moist-control potting mix so we'll see together how they do this year. I do provide an update on their growth so far as of May 1, 2022, in the video below. I purchased some Ozark bare roots, Sequoia, and Seascape strawberry transplants as well, all from my local garden center. I'm still crossing my fingers for the bare roots to wake up, but if not this year, maybe next year. They were pretty dry so I soaked them overnight to hopefully give them a refresh. So far, I have been lucky with the Sequoia and Seascape transplants. They are making strawberries. I even had the opportunity to try one from each plant. They were sweet, which is a plus for strawberries. I'm hoping for an even larger crop of both varieties as the weather warms up, even more, this growing season. It's wonderful to grow your own fruits and vegetable. The learning process has been great for me and the relaxation I feel while working in the garden is amazing.

Questions for you:

Are you growing strawberries this year? If so, what varieties are you growing? 

Do you have a favorite type?

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