Monday, February 22, 2021

Wagner Control Stainer 350 #ProductReview

I purchased a Wagner Control Stainer 350 to finally stain the fence panels that I built for the backyard. It's important to stain and seal them from the intense weather. I wanted a stainer that would be easy to use, easy to clean, and do the job efficiently and effectively. I hope the video review, below, helps you learn more about this Wagner product. In the video, I was able to stain one side of each fence panel. I will do the other side once they are all installed for less mess from the stain. If you have used this stainer in the past, let me know where you purchased your air filters because that's the only con I would say I have for this model. I couldn't easily find it at my local hardware store, but I know the Wagner website should have it to purchase. However, overall I was satisfied.

WAP-OZ Steel to Wood Fence Bracket #Review

I used the WAP-OZ Steel to Wood Fence Brackets over the weekend to install the fence panels I built about four weeks ago. I decided to give these galvanized fence brackets a try because of all the positive reviews, they already came with the screws, and I purchased a twelve pack for a reasonable price from Amazon. I installed metal posts instead of wood posts to support my fence panels and these are 2 3/8 inch brackets, perfectly-suited for my 2 3/8 metal posts. They arrived within two to three days from Amazon because I was working on my fence project only on the weekends so I needed fast, reliable, delivery. This was the weekend to finally complete the fence installation and I needed a bracket that I could maneuver by myself without help. In the video you will see a closer look at the product and how easy they are to install with a 1/2 inch hex head fitting. I used this fitting with a socket attachment on my electric drill. I'm so happy to finally have my new fence up. After a lot of sweat and body aches at the end of each day, I am happy with the final result. It was worth all of the hard work to get this project completed before Spring.

If you have any questions about the fence brackets just leave them in the comments below. Stay safe and be well!

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Video Blog: Fence Tear-down and Setting Metal Posts in Backyard

I decided to share with you my fence tear-down and setting the metal posts in the backyard. Currently, the neighbor's fence is in really bad shape so we decided to build another one and they would have the current fence towed away. It was a long, busy, weekend, of digging up huge rocks to get the holes deep enough for the eight foot metal posts. I ended up completing the entire job in two days instead of one, but the posts were set in concrete, as you will see in the video, and now i'm ready for the final step of installing the fence panels I recently built in the garage. Although, Quikrete hardens in twenty to forty minutes, I want to give the cement time to cure deep within the holes. So stay tune for the fence panels installation and any other tips in between. Be well and stay safe.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Ryobi Circular Saw with Laser #Review

I built some fence panels and needed to trim some of the pickets down before I installed them in a couple of weeks. I could've taken them to Home Depot after I did the measurements, but I thought about it and decided to purchase my own circular saw. I didn't have one in my DIY toolkit so it was long overdue.

This circular saw makes straight cuts and angled cuts to the wood. If you're looking for a simple, versatile, basic, 7 1/4 inch blade, circular saw, this may be what you need. I only intend to use it for small wood-building jobs around the house so it fits my needs. In the video below, I show you how to install the carbide blade, included, and then how it functions on one of the wooden pickets. The laser turns on automatically when you press the start button to activate the saw blade. It did a nice job of guiding the cut as I followed my predetermined cut line. I hope this video review gives you a better idea about this model. You can find it at your local hardware store and on Amazon where Ryobi products are sold.

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