Thursday, May 12, 2022

How to Use Vigoro No-Dig Landscape Edging Kit #intheGarden

I am progressing even more in my garden, as I get it ready for more fruits and vegetables. I decided to use the Vigoro No-Dig Landscape Edging Kit in the garden to prepare the area for placing landscape fabric and then mulch. I also needed to define the spaces within my garden for planting sunflower seeds and my zinnias. The product comes with everything you need and if you need to purchase more stakes that's possible too. I used what was provided in the box. The instructions recommended using a rubber mallet, however, I just used a hammer and it worked nicely. The job was a quick one so this video is pretty quick as well. I will keep you posted on the next steps in this project as I continue to prepare the space for this year's growing season. I found this Vigoro product in my local hardware store, but you can find it on Amazon as well.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Planting Strawberries in Containers for Spring #Gardening

I planted three varieties of strawberries for this year in March. I wanted to try again and plant some strawberries in a large container versus my raised beds. Last year, they really didn't do that well in that area. I have added chicken manure, fertilizer, and moist-control potting mix so we'll see together how they do this year. I do provide an update on their growth so far as of May 1, 2022, in the video below. I purchased some Ozark bare roots, Sequoia, and Seascape strawberry transplants as well, all from my local garden center. I'm still crossing my fingers for the bare roots to wake up, but if not this year, maybe next year. They were pretty dry so I soaked them overnight to hopefully give them a refresh. So far, I have been lucky with the Sequoia and Seascape transplants. They are making strawberries. I even had the opportunity to try one from each plant. They were sweet, which is a plus for strawberries. I'm hoping for an even larger crop of both varieties as the weather warms up, even more, this growing season. It's wonderful to grow your own fruits and vegetable. The learning process has been great for me and the relaxation I feel while working in the garden is amazing.

Questions for you:

Are you growing strawberries this year? If so, what varieties are you growing? 

Do you have a favorite type?

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Friday, May 6, 2022

Building a Cattle Panel Fence For The #Garden

I successfully built a Cattle Panel Fence for my 47ft x 24ft garden area. I purchased my cattle panels, T-Posts, post pounder, and other tools from Tractor Supply. I did purchase some gate adapters for T-Posts on Amazon (see image below). In the video below, I used some stakes and mason line to establish my fence area, surrounding the garden. It was my first time using the pole-pounder so I had to get some tips from another YouTuber here. Initially, I attached the cattle panels to the T-Posts with zip-ties and then went back on the second day to permanently attach them with the fence clips, provided complimentary with my T-Post order. The gate was installed quickly with the gate adapters I learned about on Amazon. There are many different types of adapters, but I like that the ones I chose had a screw component as well that latches to the T-Post for added support of the gate over time. On the second day, I added the T-Post clip and the project was finished. About a week later I did come back with 2ft rebars to support the center of the 16ft cattle panels a little more, from swaying with the wind. Overall, I am happy with this DIY project and the decision to use cattle panels instead of the roll of fencing. I didn't have the capability to stretch the roll of fencing in place so these worked great because they were already pretty sturdy. If you're thinking about establishing your own garden space, you can do it too! Take your time, plan it out, gather your supplies and a helper and start your DIY project. 

Share your experience in the comments below. I look forward to reading about it.

T-Post Hinge Pins - Gate Hanger on Metal T Post with 5/8 Pin

Replenishing Soil in my Raised Beds for Spring and Summer #Gardening

It's time to start putting some vegetables in the garden, but the soil from the last growing season needs more nutrients added to it. I decided to try some chicken manure, mixed with the raised bed soil I usually purchase from my local garden center. I also added some worm castings to each bed. I will be adding more when I actually plant my vegetables, along with some slow-release fertilizer. I'm happy that the weather is warming up in my part of southern California. The weather forecast has been unpredictable already this year, a couple of days are warm, and then it takes a dive back down to the lower 60s. It was the perfect day to put on a hat and get this garden task completed. It's a quick and simple process once you have selected the products that you like. This will be my second year gardening so I have definitely learned a thing or two from my experiences last year. I hope to have even more growing success this year, fingers In the video below I show how I replenished my raised beds for this growing season.

Question for You! Are you getting started with your Spring and Summer gardening tasks? If so, share your tips below with everyone. Thank you!

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