Monday, September 6, 2010

Found Myself Watching The Movie Avatar Again

I always believe that everything in life fits together to mean something in my life. Maybe I'm just one of the weird ones who believe that we are all connected and the Earth is apart of that connection. I guess that's why I'm so into the movie Avatar. I do see how the human race is destroying Earth and how She is fighting against our choices to protect Herself. She will ultimately win in the end though. There are so many natural disasters happening around the world these days. People are losing their homes and lives by floods, fires, earthquakes, and much more. Some blame others, but I believe it's just a wake-up call coming from Mother Nature Herself. Some of the countries with the intense violence are seeing Her rapture. She's getting tired of us in more than one way.

So, I guess subconsciously I felt the need to escape this world we've all created in some form or another to a planet that believes all people and natural things are one. The movie Avatar does that for me. I always seem to find or learn something new each time I watch it. It's so powerful in more than one way. By the end of the movie when they are shipping the humans back to their earth, I actually feel as if I want to stay with the people as an Avatar.

Everytime you turn on the news someone has been killed by "enemy fire" when we are ALL THE SAME...HUMAN! It continues to amaze me how much we have labeled each other as good versus bad, or by race. I went to see an exhibit of mummies and saw many different cultures of people looking over the preserved dead and wondered why they came. Did they come to see what shade they were? Or, did they come because they were curious as to what they looked like and what they possessed and how their beliefs were similar to their own? I wondered why seeing the mummies were so fascinating when we bury each other everyday due to disease, violence, old age, and many more cases. The mummies look exactly the same, they were human, LIKE US, but just from a different time period on Earth.

I found myself escaping this judgmental world for about 2 hours and it felt good. Wow, do we have a lot to learn. Mother Earth will continue to shake us up until we realize who's really wearing the pants in all of this, so to speak.