Sunday, October 16, 2022

Summer Garden Cleaning for Fall Planting #Gardening

It has been a very productive summer growing season. I have tried some new vegetables like Okra and a new cucumber variety. A few vegetables did not make it, but I will try again next year, like the Black Beauty Eggplant, which did not like the heat so much, it was too hot a little too soon for the plant. I had a fantastic season of sunflowers and will be planting more for the Fall, just in time for Halloween and a little bit into November, with our late November first frost date. My zinnias lasted the entire season and dropped SO many seeds that they are growing again, along with some transplants I picked up at the garden center, not knowing they were coming. I am starting my Fall vegetables indoors and will share more with you as the weeks go by. 

I hope you are doing well and feeling well and enjoying your garden or getting some fresh air out in nature.

In the video below, I am Summer cleaning the garden to prepare for fall planting. This year, I will be ready to plant my Brassicas on time.

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Monday, October 10, 2022

Replacing Front Porch Wooden Railing #Diyprojects

I hope all has been well. I have been super busy this summer and I'm still completing DIY projects as they come along into the fall season. In this video, I am replacing the front porch railing. The wooden banister could no longer be repaired with wood filler. I decided to use redwood because it is rot-resistant and hopefully will hold up to the hot sun and rain that's coming this Fall. It was a pretty straightforward project, but getting those screws lined up to screw in the ballisters was the toughest part of this DIY project, but I did it and you can too if this is a project on your to-do list. Be patient with yourself and grab a helper if you need to. Your project will be completed before you know it!