Thursday, September 25, 2014

Victoria's Secret Sport Influenster Unboxing & Product Review #VSSportBra (Video)

The products in this voxbox unboxing was provided by from Victoria's Secret and all opinions are 100% my own.

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose was invited to participate in the Victoria's Secret Sport #VSSportBra Influenster Voxbox event! This time it focused on their new line of sport bras and I also received some workout pants as well. In this YouTube video you get an opportunity to see all that came inside of my Influenster Voxbox. Then you can read my product review, after wearing them, to my weekly yoga classes.

The Influenster Voxbox Unboxing for Victoria's Secret Sport

My Product Review for Victoria's Secret Sport * Sports Bra 'Incredible' * Sports Pants

Do you enjoy wearing sport bras to workout? Personally, I would rather wear a nice sports bra, instead of a traditional bra, any day. They seem to fit better, have less wiring and move with my body as I move through my day and even work out. That is also how I felt about the Victoria's Secret Sport Bra called Incredible

It came to me in a 34B, which was my size, so I didn't have to go to the store to replace it. The sports bra had a flower pattern that was a bit much at first glance, but then after putting it on, I was sold on it. The 'Incredible' sports bra had underwire but it was cushioned nicely on the bra and didn't feel tight or like it was swallowing my chest. That is my main problem when it comes to wearing traditional bras and the sport bras, the underwire, and being just too tight in places even though it's my correct size bra. So that was really what I was looking out for in this Victoria's Secret 'Incredible' Sports Bra. It just fit me nicely and I am seriously a happy camper. 

I also received a pair of their sports pants in a size small. They fit perfectly as well. I do weekly yoga to keep in shape mentally and physically and I was looking for workout clothes that would support me and feel comfortable in the yoga poses as well. For me, I was especially looking for a yoga pant, so they came at the perfect time as well, for my small frame and my buttocks! 

I would definitely recommend that you give their new line of sports bras and sports pants a try at your local Victoria's Secret store or just shop online at Grade A.

A special 'Thank You' goes to Influenster and Victoria's Secret for the experience. I will definitely purchase more in the future.

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Will you give Victoria's Secret Sports bras a try? Do you like wearing sports bra or traditional bra best?

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Silk Almond Coconut Milk Blend #Review & #BzzAgent Unboxing (Video)

Disclaimer: This is a BzzAgent Unboxing and review for Silk Blends Almond Coconut Milk. All information mentioned in this product review/unboxing, is 100% from my personal experience and opinion.

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My Product Review for Silk Blends Almond Coconut Milk

Since becoming a vegetarian, I have drank my share of Silk soy milk, which I do like a lot. As a Bzzagent, having the opportunity to try Silk's Almond Coconut milk was a nice change from my usual purchase. 

I tried this milk two different ways, by glass and then on my morning cereal for 1 week, until I emptied the container. I was pleased with the taste and it's rich, thickness, in consistency. I purchased the Original and noticed that the coconut and almonds balanced each other out very nicely. I like coconut anyway, but there was an equal partnership with the two. I did find that the taste of the milk is more prominent when drank from a glass, rather than in cereal. The cereal seemed to overpower the milk and then it tasted just like regular soy milk or a plain milk, I'm used to having. 

Over the week of using this milk, I realized that I could include this milk into my regular, breakfast, routine. It was a nice change and coconut lovin good with almonds too! 

I would definitely recommend this milk to you, my friends, or anyone who has lactose intolerance or just want to enjoy a different type of milk. I will definitely purchase it again because of the taste and the price is good as well in my local Kroger store. Grade: A

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