Wednesday, November 12, 2014

BzzAgent #Unboxing and #ProductReview for Secret Clear Gel OUTLAST #Deodorant

This BzzAgent Unboxing and Review shares 100% of my personal opinion and experiences using this product, which was provided for free to Bzzagents.

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose was invited to another BzzAgent campaign and this time I had the opportunity to try a new 'Secret' deodorant brand called OUTLAST. 

BzzAgent Unboxing Video for Secret Clear Gel OUTLAST Deodorant

BzzAgent Unboxing Product Review for Secret Clear Gel OUTLAST Deodorant
Wow! That's what I said to myself when I first read the front of this Secret deodorant bottle. 48 hours! That's a long time for a deodorant to work. It also talked about leaving no white mark residue, which is also VERY important, so I was definitely curious to try it out.

I tried the Secret Clear Gel OUTLAST deodorant with the Completely Clean scent. It had a pleasant smell when I popped open the top and the solid was indeed clear gel. After taking a shower, I applied the deodorant and could feel it creating a barrier in my armpits. It felt like my armpits were being sealed to avoid any moisture, but it wasn't sticky or anything but I could feel the barrier of protection. I had SO many things to get done, from boxing items for shipment, to yoga class, to working on editing tasks, etc, so this solid really worked when I felt myself getting anxious. I found myself checking my armpits throughout the day, after yoga class, etc, and it was still working, while I was lifting, sealing, and labeling boxes to mail. I also never noticed any white streaks on my camisoles or blouses so that's a plus.

I have used other brands of Secret in the past, so they already had a great track record with me, but I really like this deodorant. Sometimes, with other solids, I do have to reapply deodorant or sometimes wonder if I even applied any because I don't notice it there or working at all. So, I can say that it does it's job and since I did work like I was running a 48 hour marathon, I would have to say that this solid does work well under pressure. It did keep me well-protected and with my busy schedule, moving around this town, it stood up to my schedule.

Overall, I would recommend Secret Clear Gel OUTLAST deodorant. I would also purchase it again if it is reasonably priced and available in my regularly-shopped stores. Grade A

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