Monday, October 23, 2023

Shop Disney's Haunted Mansion Collection with Aroma360 #Fragrances


Aroma360 brings together a haunting but delightful fragrance designed for the Disney Haunted Mansion Collection.  The mansion was a grand structure in its previous years, but its once vibrant faรงade had faded with time, giving it a haunted allure that drew thrill-seekers from near and far. Open your senses to the hidden treasures that await you as you discover more about each product in this collection. Learn more at Aroma360.

Tomb Sweet Tomb

Tomb Sweet Tomb Fragrance Oil - Disney Haunted Mansion Collection

Fragrance oil - the scent reveals its secrets – a touch of Ginger, Clove, and Cinnamon, like spells whispered by unseen spirits. At the heart of it all, the base notes emerge Vanilla, Amber, and Tonka, lingering like the restless souls within Disney's Haunted Mansion, with a faint rustling of Tobacco Leaves and Bergamot.

Tomb Sweet Tomb 4-Wick Candle

Tomb Sweet Tomb - 4 Wick Candle - Disney Haunted Mansion Collection

4-Wick Candle - Tomb Sweet Tomb emerges, encased in a generously sized black vessel adorned with haunting badges and eerie bats, boasting a 300-hour burn time.

Tomb Sweet Tomb Single Wick Candle

Tomb Sweet Tomb Single Wick Candle - Disney Haunted Mansion Collection

Single Wick Candle - Tomb Sweet Tomb has an aroma that mesmerizes each guest in this one wick vessel and includes an Aroma360 Canvas Cotton Drawstring Bag, a stylish accessory ideal for gifting, burning 90 hours to each guest's delight.

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Slant Ruled Notebooks for Comfortable Writing for Lefties and Righties Too! #NationalErgonomicsMonth

National Ergonomics Month is celebrated each year in October. It was created by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society in 2003 to improve people's efficiency through wellness and productivity in the workplace. Now, more than ever there are computers and other products and accessories, geared towards helping people work more comfortably. Slant-ruled notebooks are one of those products used to assist in writing comfort for right-handed and left-handed individuals. Being a left-handed writer myself, I normally turn the pad of paper or notebook in a more convenient position for my wrist to begin writing. I also notice that some pens cause my words to smear as my hand moves along the page so having the lines in the correct position makes writing a lot easier. A slant-ruled notebook is convenient and a clever solution to writing discomfort. The solution is available for right-handed writing as well, but the writing lines are slanted in the opposite direction. 

Below, you will find some slant-ruled notebooks designed by Selena Thinking Out Loud. They are all available now on Amazon. Purchase them for yourself, coworkers, friends, and family who would appreciate this ergonomic tool for writing. Each book comes with 120 pages of comfortable writing space. It's a perfect anytime gift throughout the year. Happy National Ergonomics Month and stay safe and well.

Slant Ruled Left-Handed Notebook: Ergonomic Writing. Floral Design. Paperback

Slant Ruled Left-Handed Notebook for The Handyman: Ergonomic Writing Aid Paperback


Slant Ruled Right-Handed Notebook: Ergonomic Design for Writing Paperback with Abstract Artistic Swirls

10 Benefits of Tongue Twisters for Adults and Kids

Did you know International Tongue Twister Day is celebrated on November 8th? If so, then Tongue twisters may seem like nonsensical sayings, but they help improve pronunciation, and assist with speech development, and fluency in speech. Adults and kids alike use tongue twisters. Here are ten benefits of using tongue twisters:

Improved Pronunciation: Tongue twisters challenge your tongue and lips to move in specific ways, helping you pronounce words more clearly and accurately.

Enhanced Articulation: Practicing tongue twisters helps in articulating words and sounds, making your speech more distinct and easily understandable.

Increased Vocal Flexibility: Tongue twisters require you to use a wide range of sounds, improving your vocal flexibility and agility.

Speech Therapy: Tongue twisters are commonly used in speech therapy to assist individuals, especially those with speech disorders, in improving their speech patterns and clarity.

Boosted Confidence: Mastering challenging tongue twisters can boost your confidence in speaking, as it demonstrates your ability to handle complex language patterns.

Improved Memory: Learning and reciting tongue twisters can enhance your memory skills by requiring you to remember and repeat intricate sequences of words and sounds.

Enhanced Focus: Pronouncing tongue twisters correctly demands concentration and focus, thereby improving your attention skills.

Fun Language Practice: Tongue twisters make language practice enjoyable, especially for children, making them more likely to engage in language-related activities.

Cultural Learning: Many tongue twisters are unique to specific languages and cultures, providing an opportunity to learn about different linguistic traditions.

Entertainment and Laughter: Tongue twisters are often amusing and can lead to laughter when attempts to say them quickly go awry, making them a source of entertainment.

Here are some Tongue Twister books for adults and kids on Amazon to help you practice and improve your speech and pronunciation:

50 Tongue Twisters for Kids: Exercises for Improving Pronunciation and Fluency Paperback by Selena Thinking Out Loud

Thursday, September 28, 2023

A Day at the SoCal #Vegan Festival 2023 | Vlog

SoCal VegFest 2023

The SoCal Vegan Festival was a two-day event from September 23-24, 2023 in Costa Mesa, CA. At the event, there were various vegan vendors, speakers, cooking demonstrations, food trucks, plant enthusiasts, creators of vegan products, and those who vow to protect animals through their rescues, fostering programs, and more. The highlights video below shows a quick overview of the event, what I ate, and some educational information about veganism.

Here are 10 potential benefits of adopting a vegan lifestyle:

Healthier Diet: Vegan diets tend to be rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, which can contribute to lower rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, and certain cancers.

Weight Management: Many vegans find it easier to maintain a healthy weight due to the lower calorie and fat content of plant-based foods.

Improved Digestion: A vegan diet is often high in fiber, which can promote better digestion and regular bowel movements.

Reduced Risk of Chronic Diseases: Vegan diets may reduce the risk of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and certain autoimmune conditions.

Environmental Impact: Going vegan can significantly reduce your carbon footprint by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving water and land resources.

Ethical Concerns: Many people choose veganism to avoid contributing to the suffering of animals in the food industry.

Improved Skin Health: A vegan diet can lead to clearer skin due to the absence of dairy and other potential acne triggers.

Higher Energy Levels: Plant-based diets often provide a steady source of energy and can reduce feelings of sluggishness.

Better Kidney Function: Some studies suggest that vegan diets may support better kidney function and lower the risk of kidney disease.

Increased Longevity: Research indicates that vegans may enjoy longer lifespans due to the health benefits associated with their dietary choices.

It's important to note that individual experiences may vary and to consult a healthcare professional when deciding to transition to a vegan lifestyle.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

10 Halloween Yard Decor Ideas to Haunt Your Neighbors

Halloween, the spookiest time of the year, is just around the corner, and it's the perfect opportunity to transform your yard into a ghoulishly delightful spectacle. Whether you're aiming to terrify or delight your neighbors and trick-or-treaters, there are endless possibilities for Halloween yard decor that will make your home the talk of the town. In this blog post, we'll explore a range of creative  Halloween yard decor ideas to help you get ready for a night of haunting fun.

Pumpkin Patch Paradise

Pumpkins are the quintessential Halloween decoration, and you can take them to the next level by creating a pumpkin patch in your yard. Carve jack-o'-lanterns of various sizes and designs, and arrange them in clusters. You can also paint pumpkins with eerie faces, glitter, or even glow-in-the-dark paint for a magical effect.

Haunted Cemetery

Transform your yard into a spooky graveyard by setting up tombstones, skeletons, and cobwebs. Create makeshift graves with foam or cardboard tombstones, and scatter skeletons and skull decorations throughout. Add fog machines for an extra eerie ambiance that will send shivers down anyone's spine.

Giant Spider Invasion

Nothing says "Halloween" like a giant spider invasion. Hang oversized spider decorations in your trees, drape spiderweb-like netting around your bushes, and position smaller spider decorations strategically throughout your yard. The arachnid-themed decor is sure to give everyone the creeps.

Witch's Lair

Turn your yard into a witch's lair with cauldrons, broomsticks, and witch hats. Place a bubbling cauldron near your front door, hang witch hats on hooks, and lean broomsticks against walls or trees. You can also add witch figurines for a bewitching touch and spooky cats too.

Glowing Ghosts

Create a spectral scene by hanging glowing ghosts in your yard. Use white sheets or fabric to make ghostly figures and insert small LED lights inside. These radiant ghosts will give your yard a mesmerizing and otherworldly feel.

Zombie Apocalypse

Bring the undead to life by incorporating zombie-themed decor. Use old clothing and masks to create zombies rising from the ground. Scatter body parts and fake blood around for a gruesome touch that's sure to send chills down spines.

Gory and Ghastly

For those who prefer their Halloween decor on the scarier side, consider setting up a gory scene. Use fake blood, severed limbs, and gruesome props to create a terrifying tableau that will leave a lasting impression.

Enchanted Forest

Take a more whimsical approach with an enchanted forest theme. Hang fairy lights in your trees, place gnomes and fairy figurines throughout your yard, and add charming mushrooms and toadstools for a magical Halloween atmosphere.

Classic Creepy Creatures

Incorporate classic Halloween creatures like vampires, werewolves, and mummies into your yard decor. Use cutouts, inflatable decorations, or life-sized figures to make these iconic monsters a part of your Halloween landscape.

DIY Tombstone Pathway

Guide trick-or-treaters to your door with a DIY tombstone pathway. Create tombstone-shaped signs with the names of famous horror movie characters or clever, humorous epitaphs. Line your driveway or walkway with these eerie markers to set the mood.

Halloween yard decor is all about creativity and imagination, allowing you to bring your spooky visions to life. Whether you prefer a whimsical and enchanting atmosphere or a truly terrifying haunt, there are endless possibilities to make your yard the ultimate Halloween destination. So, gather your supplies, release your inner Halloween enthusiast, and get ready to impress and delight your neighbors and visitors with your haunted yard decor. 

Happy Halloween decorating!

The Benefits of Low Content Books: Creativity, Productivity, and More

In today's fast-paced world, finding ways to unwind, relax, and engage our creative minds has become increasingly important. Low-content books, once an obscure niche, have gained popularity as a versatile tool for fostering creativity, improving productivity, and promoting mindfulness. These minimalist journals, planners, and notebooks are anything but empty; they offer a blank canvas for self-expression, organization, and personal growth. In this blog post, we'll explore the various benefits of low-content books and why they are worth adding to your daily routine and a free masterclass for you too.

Creativity Unleashed

Low-content books provide a boundless canvas for your imagination to run wild. Whether you're an aspiring artist, writer, or simply someone looking to doodle and sketch, these books offer endless possibilities. From blank pages to dot grids to specialized templates for bullet journaling, you can create anything your heart desires. The freedom to design and personalize your pages encourages creativity and helps to stimulate your artistic side.

Enhanced Productivity and Organization

While low-content books offer creative freedom, they are also powerful tools for increasing productivity and staying organized. Bullet journals, for instance, come with pre-designed layouts to help you set goals, track habits, and manage your time efficiently. With the right layout, you can create a customized system tailored to your needs, boosting your productivity and reducing stress.

Mindfulness and Stress Relief

Many people find solace in the act of putting pen to paper. Keeping a low-content book can be a form of mindfulness, allowing you to focus on the present moment and relieve stress. The process of writing, doodling, or even coloring can be a meditative experience that promotes relaxation and mental well-being. It's a chance to disconnect from screens and technology, fostering a deeper connection with yourself.

Goal Setting and Personal Growth

Low-content books are excellent tools for setting and tracking goals. Whether you're aiming for personal, professional, or wellness goals, these books can help you define your objectives, break them down into actionable steps, and celebrate your progress. The act of physically writing down your goals can make them feel more real and attainable, motivating you to work towards them.

Gratitude and Reflection

Practicing gratitude is a powerful habit that can boost happiness and overall well-being. Low-content books, particularly gratitude journals, provide a structured space to reflect on what you're grateful for daily. This simple exercise can help shift your focus towards the positive aspects of life, fostering a more optimistic outlook.

Eco-Friendly Option

Many low-content books are made from sustainable materials and designed to be reusable or refillable, which is an excellent choice for those concerned about their environmental footprint. Choosing a low-content book over disposable notebooks can contribute to reducing paper waste.

In a world filled with digital distractions, low-content books offer a tangible and versatile medium for personal growth, creativity, and self-expression. Whether you're an artist, writer, student, or someone simply looking to improve their organization and mindfulness, these books provide numerous benefits. They serve as tools for creativity, productivity, and personal development, all while promoting a sense of mindfulness and gratitude. So, why not pick up a low-content book today and unlock its potential to enrich your life in countless ways?

Well, things are about to get even better.

Rachel Harrison-Sund, the subject matter expert of low-content book publishing, hosts an exclusive pre-recorded masterclass webinar, "The 3 Secrets to a Wildly Successful Low-Content Publishing Business." Trust me, this information-packed webinar is something you won't want to miss! 

In it, Rachel reveals: 

the 4 things you MUST do before creating your low-content book

the 5-step formula for writing a book description that sells

why do many self-publishers throw in the towel, destroying their chance at monthly passive income

the 3 mindset musts for low-content publishing success

Imagine creating a passive income stream that allows you to live life on your own terms—to do what you want, when you want, where you want, with whomever you want. This isn't just a dream; it's possible with the right tools, strategies, and mindset. And Rachel is ready to share it all with you.

Are you ready to take the benefits of low-content books to the next level? To register for the webinar, click here.

Reema Weglo Testimonial:

“When I came across LCPA, I was brand new to the self-publishing game, and had so many questions about the entire process. What niches do I pursue? What do I actually put together a book to publish? How do I manage a KDP account? Joining LCPA helped to answer all of my questions and more! The LCPA course provides a clear step-by-step action plan that is currently making my dream of generating great passive from home come true! I just hit my first $1.2K month, and am so excited to see my self-publishing business grow in the coming years. Thanks, Rachel!” 

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She Has Made 6-Figures Doing This Creative Idea!

There is a saying, when the student is ready the teacher will appear. If I told you that you could publish a book with barely any writing, you might think I'm pulling your leg. But this is no tall tale, and you don't need to be a James Patterson or Stephen King to make it happen.

Let me introduce you to the unsung heroes of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (drumroll, please!)—๐Ÿ‘‰ Low-Content Books ๐Ÿ‘ˆ!

Journals, planners, workbooks, coloring books, activity books and the like…these are among the many items people buy on repeat on Amazon. And guess what? Creating these types of books is more about design and less about actual written content.

This is where the teacher Rachel Harrison-Sund comes into the picture. Rachel is the queen bee ๐Ÿ of publishing low-content books on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. She began building her 6-figure low-content publishing empire by creating her own books and now she's spilling her secrets in her course, "Low-Content Profits Academy."

Curious? Get the scoop by checking out Rachel’s FREE Guide, “3 Steps to Publishing Your First Low-Content Book in Less Than a Day!” 

This guide walks you through the entire step-by-step process of publishing your very first low-content book. It also includes a ready-to-use manuscript file (the interior pages) for a 6” x 9” lined journal to help get you started on your own self-publishing journey. 

Rachel has helped literally thousands of people like you and me, including entrepreneurs, start self-publishing businesses that have completely changed their lives. From newbies without a clue about design and self-publishing to seasoned authors looking to expand their income stream, Rachel's course is a proven game-changer.

I have always wanted to inspire, teach, and help people in a greater capacity that will continuously grow over time. I decided to learn more about Rachel and her course to see if it would be a good fit for my personal goals. I eventually purchased her course and put what I learned into action steps that I am currently doing to create my own low-content books. I have several books from children's activity books to reading journals, and I'm constantly finding new niches that inspire me to create new books, following the tools provided in Rachel's course. Rachel has an easy-going style and educates her students in the same manner in her Low-Content Profits Academy. We all have a gift inside of us that needs to be shared, let your light shine through your first, second, and many other low-content books.

Grab Rachel’s free guide here and take the first step toward making your mark in the world of self-publishing.

Remember: every expert was once a beginner, and the only impossible journey is the one you never begin. Here's to beginning yours!

I'm here if you have any questions. Leave your comments and questions below.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Picture Frame Molding Tutorial | Before and After: Living Room Picture Frame Molding Transformation

It's always a good time to learn and try something new. Picture frame molding is a wonderful addition to any living room or bedroom. I have decided to create an elegant living space for my one-bedroom condominium. The bedroom and now living room are getting a makeover that will create a warm, welcoming, atmosphere. In the detailed video below, I show you how to do the same thing in this picture frame molding tutorial.

The products I used below and more were all purchased from Amazon:

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Harvesting Cherries by Hand in the Garden

After failing one year ago, this year I got cherries from my cherry tree! I was on top of everything, watching the tree like a hawk until it was ready to pick my sweet, tangy, delicious, cherries. This year, there was an extended frost in the area which was also an added benefit. I watched the flowers constantly this year once they showed in March and April, hoping for no earwigs or other bugs, and I put down my go-to Bonide Spinosad product. Once the green cherries showed and they started to turn red I had my ultra-fine netting to protect them from the birds and the crows who like to visit the garden daily. I fertilized my cherry tree once in April and then the flowers appeared soon after. In the video below, I show you the results of my cherry harvest. You can do it too!

If you are looking for help on how to get your first cherry tree established and ready to begin its growth journey, I followed this video from a fellow YouTuber, on the MIgardener channel,  who explained how to water it when you first plant it and other tips as well.

Amazon products I use for my cherry tree

Bonide Captain Jack's Bug & Slug Killer Granules, Safe for Pets 

Disclaimer: Links included in this blog post might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you. Thank you for supporting this blog.

Monday, May 29, 2023

Grilled #Vegan Kabobs with Beyond Meat Brat Sausage

I hope you had a nice, long, Memorial Day weekend. It was a grilling day for me so I prepared some grilled vegan kabobs using Beyond Meat's Brat Sausages. They are just one of my favorites by this brand. I do like the brand's Italian Sausage and their veggie burgers are tasty too. If you are looking for plant-based options for grilling this year, learn more about other products available. Visit the Beyond Meat store on Amazon.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Harvesting and Cooking Cabbage

It's now Spring and Summer is soon approaching. I wanted to make sure that I shared my successful harvest of cabbages this year during the winter season. I used the Burpee Self-Watering System to get some cabbage seeds started and also transplants from the garden center. They both performed very well. Southern California had a lot of rain this year also, so that was an added plus, which the cabbage appeared to enjoy. In the video below I shared my cabbage harvest and a couple of meals I cooked with cabbage too. Enjoy!

Friday, February 3, 2023

Cleaning the Guinea Pigs Cage with Fleece #PetCare

Guinea Pig

Having guinea pigs as a pet is pretty cool. They are laid back, eat and poop all day, hooray! Seriously, they are a great company and sometimes I just sit and watch them move around their cage, interacting with each other, popcorning when they are really happy. To keep them clean and the room smelling its best, I clean their cage one to two times a week. Many times, it's once a week unless they poop a little too much. In the video below I share some of the items I use daily and they can be found on Amazon or in your local pet store. Charlie, Scooter, and I hope you are doing well.

Guinea Pig Items on Amazon

This post includes affiliate links, if clicked this blog could receive a small commission.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Installing 3D Wall Panels for Kitchen Backsplash #DIYProject

I am installing Smart Profile 3D wall panels for the kitchen backsplash I purchased on Amazon. I saw them and wanted to see how they looked in person and then I purchased more once I realized that they were going to be just what I was looking for to add some character to the kitchen. They can be easily cut or trimmed with scissors or a razor blade and I applied my panels to the wall using Liquid Nails. I completed this DIY project in one day over the weekend and I love it! It feels like a whole new kitchen. These 3D wall panels can be wiped clean and have a lifted texture to them, so it's not like wallpaper. They recommend using PVC-friendly glue to apply them. Many other customers who purchased them appear to be using the panels as an accent wall, around a fireplace, or to add character to a small guest bathroom, the ideas for this product are endless, but it's only for internal use, not outdoor use. They are available in other colors as well, sold in bundles. Overall, I used 8 panels for my kitchen backsplash and one and a half tubes of Liquid Nails. 

Products I used for this product can be found on Amazon, links below:

Monday, January 16, 2023

Updating the Kitchen: Painting the Kitchen Walls #DIYProject

I am starting to update the kitchen by painting the kitchen walls. I decided to go with the same color I painted an accent wall in the living room called 'Divine Wine.' I really like the richness of the color and it elevates the room to a more classic look. If you're into gold tones, then this is a great color to use with for an elegant touch. I taped off my areas with blue tape and used Behr paint from my local hardware store. I went with more of a flat paint with no sheen. I used two coats on the walls in the kitchen. In this video, I show the main wall I painted, but I did also paint behind the refrigerator and the stove, but I didn't want to bore you with those other The color turned out great for my kitchen as well and now I am looking forward to updating the backsplash next, stay tuned!

Here are some helpful resources for renovating your kitchen or doing kitchen upgrades.

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Burpee Self-Watering Seed Starting System Tutorial for Brassicas | Cool-Weather #Gardening

Happy New Year! I used the Burpee Self-Watering Seed Starting System for my Brassicas, which are cool-weather vegetables, such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, collard greens, and kale to name a few. I started these seeds in October 2022, and they are going strong in my Southern California garden here in January 2023. This seed-starting system can be used throughout the year for starting all of your seeds indoors if you're trying to get a head start on the growing season. They are so convenient. I use this system for my summer vegetables as well. As far as my Brassicas, in this video, I do provide a quick update on how they are doing. I have been fertilizing them once a week because I have learned that they really enjoy being fertilized. I do see my broccoli starting to form, which is very exciting. If you're not quite ready to put vegetables outdoors, then this is a great option for you. I will be covering my raised beds with greenhouse-grade plastic if we get any ice in the forecast but brassicas can handle cooler temps in the 40s, which we don't go any lower than that here. Spring will be here before we know it, but for now, let's enjoy winter and all it brings. I look forward to your comments and learning from you this growing season in 2023. Stay warm and safe, and be well.