Monday, May 29, 2023

Grilled #Vegan Kabobs with Beyond Meat Brat Sausage

I hope you had a nice, long, Memorial Day weekend. It was a grilling day for me so I prepared some grilled vegan kabobs using Beyond Meat's Brat Sausages. They are just one of my favorites by this brand. I do like the brand's Italian Sausage and their veggie burgers are tasty too. If you are looking for plant-based options for grilling this year, learn more about other products available. Visit the Beyond Meat store on Amazon.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Harvesting and Cooking Cabbage

It's now Spring and Summer is soon approaching. I wanted to make sure that I shared my successful harvest of cabbages this year during the winter season. I used the Burpee Self-Watering System to get some cabbage seeds started and also transplants from the garden center. They both performed very well. Southern California had a lot of rain this year also, so that was an added plus, which the cabbage appeared to enjoy. In the video below I shared my cabbage harvest and a couple of meals I cooked with cabbage too. Enjoy!