Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Funny #Galentine - Short Film (5 Minute #Comedy - 2015)

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose would like to invite you to watch this short, 5 minute, comedy called, 'My Funny Galentine'. 

Synopsis: Two women without dates for Valentines day, decide to surprise their recently-single girlfriend, with a Galentine's Day. However, events of the night do not quite go as planned.

Filmed and directed by yours truly, Selena Brown of Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose and SVB Productions
Written by actress Chamia Lane

The Cast includes:
Karen Robles as Janet
Chamia Lane as Bianca
Selena Brown as Felicia

The Crew includes:
Director of Photography, Editor, Director, Lighting and Sound by Selena Brown of SVB Productions
Camera and Sound Assistance by Katie Gentic
Producers - Selena Brown, Chamia Lane, and Karen Robles

Music purchased from Pond5 Library of Royalty-Free Music, Special Effects, Stock Footage and Photos here: http://pond5.com/?ref=SVBProds
Music Used Includes:
*Latin Stinger
*Latin Guitar Full Version Loopable

Watch It Now below or Stream It Now from YouTube Here!

Monday, February 9, 2015

#WinnerAnnounced $25 Lakeside.com #Valentines Gift Voucher #Giveaway and #Pet Photo #Contest! Open to US. Ends: 02.13.15, 11:59PM/EST

Winner Announcement:

Congratulations to Kristen R!
(It has been officially displayed on the Rafflecopter below)

You are the big winner of our $25 Lakeside Collection Gift Voucher. Thank you for participating and Thank you to everyone who submitted entries. 

There's more GIVEAWAYS on the way!

This giveaway and pet photo contest are sponsored by Lakeside.com. All products mentioned within this blog post were purchased with a voucher as compensation. All opinions are 100% my own. Yours may vary.

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose would like to invite you to enter two very special Valentines events, sponsored by Lakeside Collection! Valentine's Day is soon approaching and it's not only a very special day for humans, but our pets too. I had the opportunity to review some really cool pet toys and products for my cat, Sonia. She had some serious favorites too. Secondly, there is a fun Pet Photo Contest, LIVE Now, for all of you to enter as well. Read all of the details below, for each event, and Good Luck!

Include Your Pet(s) in Your Valentines Day
Valentine's Day is a special day for lovers, showing love to family members and friends. However, there are our pets too, who desire tender loving care, affection, and special gifts on this day. I had the opportunity to give my cat, Sonia, a number of Valentines gifts from Lakeside.com. Some of them she really enjoyed from the start and others, it took her some time to get used to. Here are my reviews for each item.

This Complete Cat Play Gym was a big hit right from the start. My cat, Sonia, fell in love with this product. It was very easy to assemble, with only four (4) parts in all. There is a ball on the inside of the larger unit, where you see my cat trying to stick in her paw. She spent some time trying her best to get it out. It really encourages her to explore, relax and have time to exercise. That ball challenge seems to never get boring to her.

These LED Motion-Activated Cat Balls came in a pack of 3. My cat began to chase them around the room, after she sniffed them a bit. The LED lights are activated by a red button on the top of each ball. Then they light up once your cat pushes them. They go off automatically, to save the battery, until they are triggered again by your cat. I normally see her having a good time with these at night, when it's darker in the room. Since my cat is a night-wanderer, she has these to entertain her. They are another nice Valentine gift that she enjoys.

This Collapsible Pet Carrier was an interesting product. It is made of a thick plastic boarding, with twist knobs to lock it together (You will have to bend the plastic a bit to help it to form up even after attaching it with the twist knobs, but it collapses down well for re-boxing and storage.) Since my cat is an indoor cat, I don't do much traveling outdoors with her, but if she needs to go to the vet, I wanted something that would have sufficient ventilation and where she wouldn't be scared out of her mind to get in to. I tried this product with her and she walked in it and looked around. I carried it around the house to see how she did inside and it was fine. I did notice that she liked to walk in it as I carried
it around so you may feel like you are carrying a bowling ball, leaning to one side. This product is actually for small dogs as well as cats. I liked it for a quick way to transport my pet to appointments and in case of emergencies. 

These Set of 2 Hide and Seek Pet Toys received mixed reviews from my cat. She sniffed them for sometime, but I think she is still trying to understand that there is a hidden pet toy inside of them. The pet toys poke out of the holes as the balls are being rolled. She does roll them around from time to time, but it seems to be occasional. Sonia seems to enjoy much smaller toys since she is a pretty petite cat.

Showing love to your pet this Valentine's Day can be very special by purchasing him or her a new pet toy, taking them for a longer walk, or lounging at home together for a cat or dog-friendly, movie night.

For more ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Dogs and Cats , visit: http://www.lakeside.com/content/lakeside-sweetheart-celebration

Enter The $25 Lakeside.com Valentines Gift Voucher Giveaway
PRIZE: One (1) Winner will receive a $25 Lakeside.com Valentines Gift Voucher to purchase items from their site for your pet(s) or yourself.

Open to US Residents.
Must be at least 18 years or older.
Giveaway now thru February 13, 2015, 11:59PM/EST

How To Enter: Use the Rafflecopter Entry Form provided below. All entries are optional. However, the more you complete, the more chances you have to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lakeside.com Pet Photo Contest

Dress your pet up in his/her best, and shoot a picture!!!

Click Here or Click the Banner Below to Enter Your Photo!

This Giveaway ends February 15, 2015
Two (2) Winners will be contacted February 16, 2015.

Disclaimer: Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose will contact the winner of the $25 gift voucher by email after verification. Lakeside.com will then contact our winner, chosen by email, with the voucher details. Free shipping is included with this voucher gift. The Paws and Kisses Pet Photo Contest is organized by Lakeside.com only and all winners will be contacted by them. This blog is in no way liable for those participants of the Pet Photo Contest, but only a promoter.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Chobani Simply 100 Greek #Yogurt Review and Taste Test! #StartSimply

This blog received coupons from BzzAgent to test this grocery product. All opinions mentioned in this blog post below is 100% my own. Your opinions of this particular product may vary.

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose is happy to invite you to learn more about the new Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt. There are No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Sweeteners, has 12 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and 0 grams of fat.

In this video, I share my BzzAgent Unboxing and Taste Test Review for Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt. Take a Look!

My Personal Review of Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt

I was going to my local Ralphs anyway to buy some necessities in frozen foods for my vegetable and fruit smoothies and decided to use my Free Coupon to try Chobani's Simply 100 Greek Yogurt. It looked like there were lots of fans of this product because it was almost gone from the shelves. I did manage to find my favorite flavor, Blueberry, though. 

I decided to try the Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt for my breakfast the next day. The blueberries were on the bottom of the Greek yogurt so I mixed everything up very well. Then I tried it. I could taste the fresh blueberries and they naturally sweetened the yogurt and with it only being 100 calories, it was rich, smooth, and pleasant to taste. To me, Greek yogurt has a tangy taste, anyway, but it was a nice addition to add the blueberries and still get a simple, sweet, tasting, yogurt. 

I normally don't think about the calories in my yogurt because I think that they all should be natural, without added flavorings and such. However, this product made me think more about what's in the ingredients, when it comes to purchasing yogurt in the future. As for this particular yogurt, if the price stays reasonable, per cup, I will definitely buy it again. I am beginning to be more conscious of all the processed sugar and things they put in my foods, so this one is a great option for my yogurt in the mornings for breakfast. 

It looks like there will be one more item added to my regular, weekly, shopping list!

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Do you count calories when it's time to purchase your yogurt?

Monday, February 2, 2015

#Love on a Platter - Short #Film (2015) Watch It Now on YouTube.com!

Here on Selena Thinking Out Loud With PurposeI enjoy providing product reviews and giveaways. However, this time I wanted to share a short, comedy, sketch, that I filmed through my production company, SVBProductions, for some fellow actors. 

It was written by actress and writer, Chamia Lane and includes actor Garry Linwood, in the role of her boyfriend. Filming, Editing, and Directing was done by yours truly.

Love on a Platter is about a young woman who attempts to share her feelings about the status of her relationship with her boyfriend. 

Watch it now below or on YouTube, here. You can leave your comments below or rate it, if you enjoyed it with a thumbs up on YouTube. Take a look!