Thursday, August 30, 2012

Through The Mouth of Babes

Through the mouth of babes we are reminded how important the little things are and how flawed we are to believe the rules and regulations we put into place to "protect" the endangered, really mean anything. I ran across this video while watching YouTube videos. I am truly a fan of the site and felt a need to share this video from a little girl with a HUGE passion to bring awareness to the endangerment of animals and how important it is to improve their existence.

You can click the link provided in the middle of the video box below to watch it on YouTube or just the link here:

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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Friday, August 24, 2012

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

As #Time Passes by...

Photo by  ilco 

This past weekend, I visited my little niece to celebrate her 2nd birthday! While with her, I found myself writing down my thoughts. Here is what I came up with:

I stood rocking my 2 year old, niece, to sleep watching her fight it until it finally won. I suddenly began to realize how time passes by and no matter how much we try to fight with time, it still wins. 

We come into this life as a child, filled with innocence, folly, and naivety, soaking up everything we hear and see. Until one day as we're playing and feeling the freedoms that dance within our dreams and our conscience, we encounter resistance from outside forces. Some will get knocked down and others will take the resistance as lessons-learned.
Standing there singing little melodies and lullabies to my niece took me back to the way I once was. I was shy, introverted, and eager to learn everything I could. I never imagined that life would be full of tests and emotional ups and downs. However, learning to accept the changes have eased my falls and have allowed for new spaces, within myself, to harbor hope and discovery.
I stood there rocking my niece to sleep, watching her fight the sleep that would ultimately win and knowing that one day there will be more for her to tackle as time passes by.

Questions to ponder:

1. Do you find yourself looking back through your life and reflecting on how much time has passed you by? 

2. How do you feel about the changes that have brought you to where you are today? 

3. Do you remember the time when you were a little girl or boy and how similar and/or different your insights on life were?

4. Write in a journal the accomplishments in your life that have made you very happy and then follow those up with future accomplishments you are still working towards. 

This will help you to measure how influential life has been for you and how powerful action can be even more into your future as time continues to win.

#Actors Tidbit: Can you take direction? (8/16)

You may think the opposite when it comes to getting multiple directions from a director or casting director in an auditioning room or on set but it is okay when you're given more than one. During my last session at the Brian Reise Acting Studios, here in Los Angeles, CA, at on August 16th, I learned that if you're given adjustments than that means they like you.

Photo by srbichara

I have learned that not many actors can take adjustments or directions well. Can you take direction? I found out fast during our exercise that this requires so much concentration, focus, and the ability to listen to the entire direction before executing the action. Brian even gave us all a taste of how real the experience could be in an auditioning room with people who are looking for the gems among the masses for their projects. Being the savvy guy that he is, he even broke down 4 tips to be the best you can be at taking direction and making the adjustments that the casting director needs from you in the audition. 

Here they are listed for you to take and learn from. After reviewing them, ask yourself, "Can I take direction?"

1. Make sure you understand what the adjustment is? Get clarity for yourself. 

The person giving the adjustment to a film scene or role may have stated their desired changes fast and unclear, at first, so it's okay to ask. Don't feel intimidated by this. You are there because you meet the initial stats for the role and a great actor so now show how well you can listen and be attentive to their full directions. Remember, no question is a stupid question when your career opportunity is at stake.

2. Repeat the adjustment back to the adjuster. 

By repeating the adjustment for your character in a scene or an action you must take, you then confirm within yourself that you have heard all the direction, clearly. This will also let the adjuster know that you are listening and know what you must do. 

For example, the following dialogue:
Casting Director: This time, I would like for you to be even more threatening with the character. 
Actor: This time you want me to be even more threatening.

3. Don't judge the adjuster.

Trust me! The adjuster knows much better than you do what they are looking to achieve in their next film or television project. They know what they are looking for in each character so don't go in the room thinking that you are going to reinvent the wheel. Listen to what direction they are giving you and execute it! It's just that simple! Some projects need to be cast fast and don't have much time to find the right person for a role so you must be flexible and open in that regard. 

Be the clay and let them mold you, in the moment, to what they desire for you to bring forth. -Selena

4. Commit 100% to the direction or adjustment.

Sometimes it may seem as if the direction or adjustment for a particular character is way off. However, committing to and trusting what is given to you 100%, will reign supreme in the end. We all think, in general, that we know what's best for us, but those looking from the outside at us, may see an entirely different person or perspective of us. You are blessed with the gift to share stories and bring written work to life on screen, so why not commit 100% to the material that was written with blood, sweat and tears, right?

I found that this exercise tested my abilities to listen even more and challenged me to take direction even more tactfully and with a greater confidence. We all are instruments and learning never stops, whether the learning is good or bad for us. Take these pointers and thrive in your next audition.

 Have fun my fellow actors and actresses!

Share your insights or leave a comment below if you would like.

Friday, August 17, 2012

My Diamond #Candles Review and #Ring Pics!

Today, I am happy to announce that I have burned my candle and to the point where I have found the hidden ring that I have been so anxiously waiting to see! But, first I must say that I was very impressed with how FAST my diamond candle arrived. It came in 2 days and was wrapped so nicely in bubble wrap. The size of the candle is definitely worth the price as well!

The scent that I chose was cinnamon roll. When it burns, it is not overpowering, but very gently gives my home a nice, sweet, smell. Most of the time when I go to the mall, I can't help but stop by Cinnabon and this candle smells like their cinnamon rolls. Yummy! 

The Diamond Candles are not just about the ring inside of them but also about the candle itself, which is a Soy Candle. I'm looking forward to trying other scents as well in the future, but will definitely be buying cinnamon roll again.

Once I got to the point that I could get the ring out of the wax, it was wrapped so nicely in a gold foil and then a plastic ring baggie, which protected it very well. Then, the moment arrived for me to open the foil and the plastic to reveal my hidden prize.

And...Here it is on my finger! Isn't it lovely!

Each Diamond Candle comes with a ring, worth $10 to $5000, so you never know what you're going to get! I don't know my ring's value but like it a lot. It's a little big for my small fingers so I wear it on my middle finger, which still looks very nice. I love silver, so this was a perfect surprise for me. 

With this company, you do not only get hype and a bunch of bloggers having giveaways, but a company who deserves to be shared with so many people. Now, I understand why so many bloggers talk about them so much and I have added to the noise. 

Overall, I would have to say that my first Diamond Candle experience will definitely NOT be my last. If you are curious to see what your first candle would smell like and your ring would look like, inside, then hop on over to Diamond Candles to place your order, Here! Also, I wanted to let you know that I have NOT been compensated in any way by Diamond Candles to write this review, so this is just me raving about this company and their product. 

Share your Diamond Candle experience with me in a comment below. What scent did you get? How did your ring look? Did you find out its value? I would love to hear about your Diamond Candle moment! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

#Actors Tidbit: How To Connect with the Room in an Audition (8/9)

On Thursday, August 9th, was my weekly acting muscle workout with Brian Reise Acting Studios, here in Los Angeles, CA, at On this day we talked about and then practiced how to present ourselves when we enter the room to meet producers and other very important people (VIPs) for a costar or guest star role. As an actor, you just can't get out of it. We have to show the decision maker(s) what we have outside of our talents as an actor or actress.

Here are a couple of bullet points I took notes on to share for you:

photo by  christgr

  • You have to be the one who connects with them. They see so many talented actors and actresses a day but what about you will make you stand out from the rest?

  • They ask themselves the questions: "Can they do the job?", "If so, do I want him or her to do the job", and "Do I feel comfortable enough working with them on set for the period of time necessary to get the job done?" (I'm hoping that you and I will get all YESs!)

  • Do you have a personality? I know, you walk into the room and you're thinking about your lines and you forget that you have to be personable to the people who are deciding on whether you are the person for the job. I know, I have been a creature of habit to do this sometimes and now I've learned to always bring out my peoples-person personality. I LOVE meeting people and learning from people, so they want to know what's exciting in your life, if they ask! So, share just one exciting thing you've been up to besides ACTING

  • Be on Time! This is a big one for any profession, but if you can't be on time to your audition, how can you expect them to think that you will be on time to the set. 

  • Your headshot MUST look like you! They are casting from photos and then once you enter the room, it's your time to WOW them with your acting skills and personality! Do you own makeup! When you get to the audition, are you going to have a make up artist there for you too? Think about this. ;)

  • Stay away for the Sir and Ma'am. I know some of my readers, actors and actresses are southern raised and respectable, but it doesn't seem to go off well over here, so it seems. Personally, I was raised to say Yes Sir and No Ma'am, but I know, it's complicated.

  • All of my jewelry lovers. Make sure to tone down the jewelry because it takes away from you. When you get on set, they will be putting on you what they want you to wear and you should come in as a clean canvas. You're beautiful just the way you are ;)

  • Make sure in everything you do, keep things positive! We all have bad days and occurrences in our lives that make us really sad and angry, but leave those moments at the door. Lighten the energy of the room with a positive occurrence in your life and who knows, you may mention something that can help someone in the room have a better day.
Alrighty, my fellow Actors and Aspiring Actors! Have fun!

If you have any comments, leave them in the comment section below. ~Selena

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Rebound - #MovieReview

I enjoy a good movie that works with my imagination and allows for me to see real life results. I've watched a number of movies lately and I can say that I really enjoyed the movie, The Rebound, with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Justin Bartha.

We all have those moments when we feel like our lives are falling to pieces. We love someone so much that when they disappoint us by giving their love to someone else, it can be devastating. We don't know how we're going to ever recover from the lost or disappointment until out of nowhere we find peace with an unexpected person. 

The moments are so great that we begin to share our troubles but in a very easy and nonthreatening way, this happens. This person becomes a listener for us and we do the same for them and magic happens to begin our healing. However, when we wake up and see who the person is we've been sharing moments with, do we look at them for who they are or do we measure their worth by their age or status?

Catherine Zeta-Jones makes her role look easy as she has to deal with a new life in New York City with her two children. She eventually becomes involved with her 20-something neighbor who's many years her junior.

I like the fact that the movie keeps the time between events realistic and it leaves you, at moments, thinking about how relationships come and go, but have a possible chance for a better future, once allowed to prune. It was funny and light for a nice evening at home watching movies. I enjoyed the comedic moments of it and would watch this one again. I enjoyed the ending because I was able to see what happened to each of the characters and how their lives connected.

I gave  The Rebound  a 4 out of 5.

If you're at home and looking for a movie that will, make you laugh, open you up to new possibilities in love, and take you on a journey of how real relationships have their ups and downs, I recommend you taking a look. The Rebound is available as an Amazon Instant Video for a 24 hour rental or you can buy it, Here

I like the instant gratification so I enjoy the instant video access.

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    Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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