Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 9: Heart Of The Matter - Relating and Not Waiting

Relating and Not Waiting  - Based on One Month To Live by Kerry and Chris Shook                      
Life Lesson (from journal): "When all is said and done, relationships are all that really matter. It doesn't matter how much money we have, where we live, or how many beautiful toys we've collected. None of these can comfort us, console us, cry with us, or love us. Our investment in the people we care about is the only legacy that has the power to endure beyond our lifetime."
Kerry Shook opens Day 9 by talking about how important our relationships are to our progression and purpose in this life. He says its about being in a relationship vertically with Him and horizontally with people. He continues to say why do we wait until people die to give them flowers. We take advantage of the ones who help us along and wait too late. Loneliness is the most terrible poverty (Mother Theresa quote) Love always means risking pain. God allowed his son to become mortal and suffer for us, which is the greatest sacrificial gift.

Ponder This! (from journal) Are you generally comfortable being alone? What happens to you when  you're isolated for a long time? What might those who know you say happens to you when you're being alone for a long time? What are some reasons you need other people in your life? Leave your Feedback.
My Answer:  I generally feel comfortable when I am alone. I've always been brought up in this way so I've learned how to be creative by myself and really enjoy the solitude and peace it brings. I am aware that I do have to step outside of my home for some people time. I do appreciate the encounters or planned engagements. They keep you informed and enlightened on what other people are doing with their life and sometimes I can even chip in with a tip or two. Ultimately, people are needed in my life to complete God's purpose and he uses the people in my life to really give me a dose of knowledge, advise, and even wisdom that will help me.
We're designed for social and emotional intimacy with those around us, but our desires are polluted by our selfish inclination to make it all about us.
(From journal): Describe a few sins of others that have had a negative effect in your relationships. Leave your Feedback

(From journal): Now describe some of your own relationship-damaging sins. Leave your Feedback
Love can't be bought, but it definitely carries a price, and it's called sacrifice. Love always means risking pain...Pain is an inherent part of any significant relationship.
Today's Challenge
If you've never experienced the fullness of God's love for you. It's time you did. The life He offers you, paid for by Jesus' death, is found simply by asking for it. The specific words aren't important, but here's a prayer you might say:

"God, I think the reason I haven't felt Your love is because I haven't been fully aware of it. Help me to finally see it now. Thank you, Jesus, for dying to end the influence of evil on my life. Thank You for loving me despite all You know about me. Thank You for accepting me without reserve or qualifications. Live in me today and change me."

Growing in your understanding of God's love for you is a journey best shared with someone else who knows both you and Jesus well. Share your decision with someone close to you so that people can challenge, pray for, encourage you.

That's all for Today! Share your feedback or any comments here.

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