Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 27: Starfish - Making A World Of Difference

Making A World Of Difference - Based on One Month to Live by Kerry and Chris Shook

Life Lesson (from journal): "When we recognize the power of one--when we focus on the personal needs of individuals--we'll find ourselves transformed and we'll impact lives for eternity."
Kerry and Chris Shook says: The problem come when we start thinking happiness means begin safe and comfortable and when our goal in life becomes the avoidance of all risk. When our top priority is to be safe and secure, we lose touch not just with the needs of others but with a primary need to our own. We were created for so much more than punching buttons and scrolling screens. We were created for a grand adventure! God designed us to take great risks and face huge challenges, to accomplish mighty goals that we will have lasting impact.

If we make it a habit to do what we can, when we can, where we can, we will be transformed as we help others.

*Describe some concrete situations in which God might use you in expected or unexpected ways. (Readings: Acts 8:26-39; 1Peter 4:10-11)

My Answer: God does use us in unexpected ways - I went to a gas station a couple of weeks ago and I needed gas so I could get some errands done and I was standing at the register waiting for the two clerks to fix some pump issue. It so happened that they gave a customer too much gas and another not enough gas because the wrong pump numbers were put in the machine. So, I'm standing there wondering what in the world is going on. One of the customers came in and said "thank you for the extra gas and it wasn't his fault about the pump mixup" and the lady came in and was given the extra gas she paid for. The gentleman said he had to hurry up and go to work and didn't have any more money to pay the $8.00 gas he got over what he paid. I just happened to have $40.00 in my hand and was going to put  $30.00 in my tank to fill it up and out of my mouth came, "I'll pay for it, just go." The man was shocked that I would pay for it and tried to put it on a credit card, but this gas station only took cash or debit. I repeated again, "I'll take care of it, just go. You said you were late for work soon."  I was grateful to have the opportunity to be there and do something in an unexpected way. It really made me feel good, but also a conflict was solved and nothing went wrong over $8.00.
"As the purse is emptied, the heart is filled." - Victor Hugo

Can you listen and care? offer a smile? hug a child? Most of us underestimate the power we have just by being present in the life of someone else.

Today's Challenge
Choose one.
One man, one woman, one child whom you know you can bless with a simple, cost-free gift. A smile, a compliment, a door opened, a held elevator.
Choose one.
From many perspectives, your act of live might seem like a matter of little real impact. From just about any perspective...except the perspective belonging to the one.
Go now and create happiness.

Face Time
God, make my heart sensitive to hurting people and help me see others as You see them.
Give me the strength today to see someone's need and meet it in Your strength.

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