Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 3: Time Squared - Spending Your Most Valuable Resource

One Month To Live Transformational Journey

Life Lesson (from journal): "Time once spent cannot be reclaimed. Once an hour, minute, or moment is over, it's gone forever. However, we can redeem the remaining time we have. We can reconsider our God-given purpose and the eternal legacy we want to leave behind and allow them to guide our schedule moving forward."

In the audio version of the book, Kerry Shook talks about the story of a man who was told he had 6 months to live. He asked his doctor if there was anything he could do or take to change the outcome of the life-threatening disease. His doctor said you can buy a pig farm and marry a woman with 14 or 15 children. The man said, huh...and the doctor said that this will make your time on earth seem a lot longer with all that action going on. This was a joke, but seriously, if we spent our time appreciating life and all that is in it, then our time would be well spent. When we allow ourselves to be burdened by the things we cannot control, we lose precious time that we would've used for our family, friends, loved one, or ourselves. This was the  main topic of today's Day 3: Time Squared.

(Thought from journal): Charging or discharging? Say you spend an hour with a friend or loved one. You can keep your heart closed off, or you can open up and engage personally. Either choice costs sixty minutes. But one sucks the energy out of the time, out of you; other saturates the minutes with life.

Brainstorm ways to improve your energy management for one top priority, not by necessarily devoting additional time, but by engaging more personally and deeply. Think of one tangible thing you can do today and write it down.

My Answer: I have a real big tendency of being on the internet a lot and I have decided to take more time with my cats (play time with them), and also my sister on her off days from work. We hang out, but its really not as much as I would like due to our schedules, but I'm willing to work on that. My healthcare home business, I have created 10 new videos and I can edit at least 5 today and upload them to Youtube so I can get more traffic to my healthcare services. I have decided to focus even more on my acting career, as far as training, so I have reassessed my spending and budget today to see where I can approach things better. I'm excited!

Today's Challenge: Collect Scripture passages -- as many as you can -- that clarify God's priority system. Use a concordance or a Bible search program on your computer to find words like BETTER, RATHER, GREATER, IMPORTANT, and MORE PRECIOUS. To get started, have a look at Psalm 37:16-17, Proverb 8:10-11; Daniel 3:28; Matthew 23:23; and 1 Peter 1:6-7. The journal also recommends that we look up terms and words that may be surrounding our issues to get a more biblical sense of them, so I'm going to begin doing that daily.

Time for your feedback and comments. Tell me what you come up with.

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