Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 2: Roller Coaster - Riding The Big Dipper

One Month To Live Transformational Journey

Life Lesson (from journal): "The world says,"Don't be ridiculous; be reasonable. Don't stand out. Don't take risks; play it safe, and make security and comfort your primary goals in life."... God calls us to a life of faith, living every moment all out for Him.
In the audio, Kerry Shook speaks about his experience on this big roller coaster called the Big Dipper. He absolutely would have a blast on it and felt scared for his safety and full of exhilaration all at the same time. He really describes how the roller coaster creeps up to the top before it makes its unexpected fall. I felt so nervous and freaked out just listening to his encounter and visualizing it in my mind.

From this experience he reflects on how important it is for us to take risks and not play it safe because we are living life as we speak. So many of us become complacent and put off for tomorrow or years to come, what we should be working on today. Maybe a lot of us do this because of our lack of faith. This leads me to a question I highlighted and answered in the journal.

Question asked in journal: To change your primary goal from personal safety to adventurous obedience requires strengthening your faith. You can't become a marathon runner overnight. What's a reasonable, stretching step of faith for you to take today? What might you attempt in a week or a month?
My Answer:  I can't become a full-time actress or millionaire entrepreneur overnight, but I can get into action with completing the steps to get me closer to these two final endeavors. In a week or month, I can increase my classifieds for my business, write more articles, and create more videos concentrating on more people with a need for healthcare or home business ownership. For my acting, I can look for free commercial or audited class opportunities in my area and even film classes to keep myself ever ready for my future auditions. I can continue increasing my income with senior care and even other flexible work, which will assist me in getting new headshots for theatrical mailings and audition submissions.

Today's Challenge: Write down three things that are important, though no urgent, that you have put off until "someday." Choose one and take the first step toward accomplishing that goal today.
My Answer: I have been working hard and focusing on my goals to move me forward in my acting and my healthcare business. So, I believe for myself its really increasing the work or marketing I am putting out there for both.

What is your answer to Today's Challenge? Post your comment. I would love to read it.

P.S: Sometimes you may feel a little afraid to venture out of your comfort zone to find your true purpose. It may be looking you in the face everyday, but you haven't got the courage to make things happen. Well, all it takes is "A First Step" and then you will see how you can maneuver everything around to ultimately reach your real joy and happiness in this life. No's more to life for you...He is right by your side when you are afraid to jump, so just do it and he will catch you!

"God is an expert driver. He knows right where He's going, and He's in total control when you feel afraid" (quote from journal)

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