Friday, September 28, 2012

Victoria's Secret #GiftCard Giveaway #Winner Announced on #Actress Selena Brown Blog!!

It is always a pleasure to announce the winners of any of my giveaways. I know that this Victoria's Secret Gift Card will be put to good use. I also wanted to thank Blogger PR for hosting and organizing such an amazing Gift for My Girlfriends Giveaway Hop. There were so many great prizes to go around. So, without further delay, the winner of MY Victoria's Secret Gift Card Giveaway, in the hop, goes to:

Entrant #137: Carol Wegs
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Carol, your Victoria's Secret gift card will be delivered via mail or as an ecard, you choose. You will have 48 hours to respond to the email sent to your gmail account. After this time, I will have to randomly selected another winner. 

Congratulations Again,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

#Enlightenment for Nitwits Book #Giveaway Winners Announced! Plus, Limited Time Offer! **Hilariously-Funny Book**

Congratulations to The Signed Book Giveaway Winners for Book: Enlightenment for Nitwits
DM Carson
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Special thanks to our author, Shepherd Hoodwin, for these fantastic prizes 
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Is #Acting the #Career For You? - The #Waiting Game **VIDEO**

Have you thought about wanting to pursue a career as an actor? Is Acting the Career For You? If so, you have to be prepared to have patience and be persistent. Personally, I feel that an acting career is like any other career where you have to always be open and willing to learn, be teachable, and accept the good and bad days. 

Not all experiences will be memorable but those that are will stay with you for a lifetime. ~Selena

As an actor, you can't take things personally. I find myself going on commercial auditions and feeling grateful for the opportunity and willing to let God do the rest. I do believe that having a good support system in place is key for anyone who decides to pursue this career choice. There are many factors involved in how long it will take you to succeed or reach the level of success that you find comforting. It can take many years, months, or days to acquire the opportunity that is going to spotlight your best creative self but know that in everything you do, give it your best.

I was recently filming for three (3) days on Halo: The Fallen Fan Film and realized that this is just the career for me because I sat and waited for "a while" until another scene was filming. I found this time good for me to reflect and also prepare. In this career, you play the waiting game a lot and have to be okay with that. No one wants to work with someone who impatient or can't be still within themselves and around others. In this video, I provide some tips on how you can play "the waiting game" while on set and be successful. You can watch the video on YouTube or within this post below!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Be #Grateful for the Opportunities -- Large and Small

Photo by svilen001
Beginning today, I will be joining the cast of a short film called Halo: The Fallen (Watch the test trailer below). Being a part of this production brings back memories for me in the military. I have no expectations of what will happen inside of me as far as process once I am all in the gear but I am hoping for a HUGE transformation. I trust myself. As an actress, I enjoy living in the moment with a character and really working off my fellow actors. I feel that if we all give 100% to the role, then we will deliver the lines of the script truthfully according to what the director is looking for in every scene. I look forward to the experience and can only be grateful for the opportunity to play.

When you begin a career as an actor, you get the question, "What have you done?". I sometimes don't know how to answer this question because I look at this career choice as a work in progress. Rome was not built in one day so whether I have worked on projects large or small, many or some far in between, they all have had some affect on my career up until now. I don't measure work in quantity, but in quality. I feel that in everything you do, no matter what career you find yourself, currently, you must perform at your best because you never know who's watching. I believe that's what makes this journey so special because you can write your own script, get a camera and team together and film. Then you can edit it up and share it out to the masses on YouTubeVimeo, or Funny or Die, not knowing how it will affect your life. Many people have found their beginnings this way and never looked back.

On today, I embark on another journey  in the role of a gunnery sergeant and possess gratitude for the opportunity. I hope that, today, you will embrace all gifts and surprises that are coming your way. Know that you are good enough and have the ability to do what you set out to do and believe that it will be done in its assigned time. 

Live a life of gratitude with every opportunity no matter how large or small you may think it is. You are necessary to its fruition. ~Selena

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#MakeBelieve Your Reality.

Photo by barrysmith
When you're a child, the opportunities to make believe are endless. You make believe that you're in a world with that yellow brick road or endless lakes of chocolate. There is no fighting and everyone loves each other just because it is the only thing you assume as truth. In a child's mind that is their reality. However, as you get older and begin to see that everything is not black and white, that people may not always see your vision or point of view, you begin to call your land of make believe foolish thinking. 

Creative expression is tied to this 'make believe' factor where we are all allowed to venture into this 'impossible', with hopeful expectations to bring those elements into our reality. Why must we lose our creative passions and access to make believe when that is the necessary piece to keep this world hopeful for a better future? We all have faced tests. Even as a child we face tests that challenge us to be better and venture beyond our own comfort zones to make believe and enhance our own ambitions for life. 
Photo by  naoto115

Once we begin to lose ourselves to our reality and limit the possibilities to make believe, we lose our way and become stagnant for a season or two. We are the rulers of our own destiny and the voice for each other. When I look at a child and how they roam so freely in their world of make believe, I am caught in a river of tears because I was once so free in my world of make believe. I was that child venturing into worlds I found safe and beautiful to me. 

However, lately, I have realized that all is not lost. I can allow myself to be free to make believe and create works that I find impacting. I am hopeful that my work will not fall on rocky roads but soil, rich in nutrients to nourish and inspire others just like me on their walks of purpose. 

Photo by  ZoofyTheJi
Today, I challenge you to create your land of make believe and not only experience it but share it with others by creating a way to bring it into your reality through art, photography, animationfilm-making, or public speaking. We are all creative bodies with messages for all to see and hear. Become that voice. 

Make Believe Your Reality. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

The #ScreenTest for #Actors

During my weekly acting class with Brian Reise Acting Studios, we spoke about the Screen Test for Actors and how important it is to give your best. He recommended that if you don't do screen testing much, to practice the experience with your camera at home. It is another way to get prepared because many shows and films find their talent through them and you have to be ready for your opportunity. 

In class, we were able to complete a screen test and it was shot very simple in a tight frame on the facial region mostly. I felt very comfortable and anxious to see what I could learn from this experience during play-back. While watching, I began to imagine all the opportunities to come when I have to perform this task for a real opportunity. I know there are many actors that prefer not to watch themselves on camera. However, I am far from that because I believe that if I don't watch myself, how can I learn from my mistakes and take constructive criticism to improve? 

In screen testing, you really have to live in the moment and commit to the experience you are having with the character. I do recommend practicing because as I have learned, practice makes perfect!

Here are a couple of screen tests I ran across on YouTube. You may recognize the actors from the show or film they have been in:

Gabourey Sidibe's Audition Tape For Precious

Rachel McAdams Screen Test

Hugh Laurie - House's screen-test

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering Where I Was on #Sept11

No one can imagine the pain of loss and watching this day unfold on a small television set as they showed planes going into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. I remember this day like it was yesterday because I was still an Army Sergeant, working four hours from the location in New York City and about 45 minutes from the Pentagon location at NSA. I watched the news broadcast on television and thought to myself, "Is this really happening?" as I saw female soldiers with children being released to get to their respective daycare.

Along with myself and others, we stayed to continue our mission and duties and wondered would a plane be reaching for us next. However, as I continued watching, I then realized that it skipped our location and a plane went into the Pentagon. The lives of so many changed on that day and will always be a wound unhealed no matter how much money and resources are provided to the injured and those who have lost someone.

honor the fallen by  notmyown 
At a nearby monument.
Actually taken not too long after September the 11th at a monument consisting of a steel I-Beam from the World Trade Center

The violence we saw on Sept 11 happens everyday in some countries as we watch the news from our television sets. However, when that reality of people in other countries come to our doorstep, it is a reality without words and understanding. I pray today for all those who have lost someone or those who continue to deal with health issues as a result of this malicious act. No one in any country should experience a Sept 11. It   makes me wonder can peace really exist in our times and if so when will it come.

I remember where I was on Sept 11 and will never forget those moments and how it changed the lives of so many.

Ground Zero: Flag by Snickup

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ball + Chain #Jewelry #Giveaway! Open to US. Ends: 10/1, 11:59pm EST

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It's #NFL Time! Who's Your Favorite #Team?

It's NFL Time! I've always been a football fan being from a family where football Sundays were HUGE! I guess it made it even easier for me to adapt to all the excitement being such a little tomboy. I learned all about the rules to the game and calling plays was naturally passed on to me. Most of my family and friends live on the East Coast and many of them are Redskin fans! Woo Hoo!

But, as for myself, I've been a fan of many great teams because they play aggressively and really make football watching very exciting. Their quarterbacks of now and past have really set a standard of how football should be played. I've listed some items from to show my team pics, but if your team is not down there, they are still AWESOME! The items, I've chosen are just my preferences and for the fans out there to purchase to get ready for all the barbecues, football parties, or stadium days in the rain and snow! Also, let me know, in a comment below, who's your favorite football team ;)

Leave a Comment:
Hey, football Fan! 

Who's your favorite team? 
I know it's pretty early to say who will win it all in the Super Bowl, but who do you want to win?

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#Celebrate Women’s #Friendship Month with Us! A Free #Blogger Opportunity: Signups Open Until 9/17, 11:59PM/EST

Did you know that September was Women’s Friendship Month! It was started over 10 years ago for a single day by the Kappa Delta Sorority. Their day became so popular that it was later extended into an entire month. Now, with that good news, you can spend time with your BFF, mom, grandmother, and sister in your life doing things that you all love doing together most! AND, how about joining this FREE Blogger Opportunity to celebrate this good news with your readers or stop by my blog here on September 20th at  Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose to enter the giveaways from the bloggers participating in the hop! 

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Reaching the Boiling Point in an #Acting Scene

During my weekly acting class with Brian Reise Acting Studios, we spoke about and experienced for ourselves, scenes that took us to a very intense level within ourselves. I felt heat take over my body and sweat beginning to pour down my face. I relived a character's frustration over love that was spoiled by lies, money and deceit. It felt amazing to me!

It was said in class that there are not many impacting scenes going around where actors have to reach above and beyond a typical conversation or disagreement. However, it is always good practice to know what it feels like when you are forced to go beyond your comfort zone to an angry or violent place within yourself. I have found two extremes for you to see below.

Watch this example from The Notebook, below or on YouTube, Click Here.

Watch this example from Waiting to Exhale with Angela Bassett below or on YouTube, Click Here.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

There's #Power in Pauses or Delayed Moments within #Film Scenes

It continues to be a great adventure in my weekly acting workout class with Brian Reise Acting Studios. We learned how powerful and important the pauses are within a script and when they are present to make sure that you USE THEM! The writer of the script wanted that [pause] or contemplative moment for a serious reason. Here's an example of a  [pause] or contemplative moment  in this scene from the movie Instinct (1999). You will see how Anthony Hopkins is using those moments and breaks in his dialogue, to Cuba Gooding Jr., with mentions of his daughter and before the huge moment of the scene. These pauses can be 3 secs or longer, depending on the intensity of the moments leading up to the main event of the scene.

Watch below or on YouTube, Click Here.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Today is #LaborDay!

Wow! This year is rolling right along and now we've all reached another Labor Day! I was reading Wikipedia today about Labor Day and learned that there is some things that we celebrate on this day!

For Example:

  • It's a symbol for the END OF SUMMER!
  • It's considered the last day of the year TO WEAR WHITE or  seersucker! Yikes!
  • It marks the beginning of NFL and college football. GO FOOTBALL! I LOVE this sport by the way :)
  • Officially, all kids and students will return BACK TO THE BOOKS! 

I hope you enjoy your day of easy labor (FUN!!) with your family and friends. Have a barbecue! Do some baking! Have a party! But, whatever you do, have a lot of fun and be safe, of course.

Happy Labor Day!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

'Enlightenment for Nitwits' Signed #Book #Giveaway! (Open Worldwide) **Entertaining Read for 3 Winners** Ends: 9/22/12

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose truly enjoyed this book, Enlightenment for Nitwits: The Complete Guide to 2012 & Beyond!, and was fortunate enough to write a review for the book! My book review for this book can be read on my blog here at:! The book was such a treat that I have joined the author, host, and some other amazing bloggers to bring you this Book Giveaway for signed copies from the author for three (3) Winners! If you're an international winner, you will receive the Ebook version, so don't worry :)

Read the introduction from the host and enter the giveaway via the Rafflecopter form provided below! Good Luck and Have fun! ~Selena

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Each of its forty-five short chapters is introduced with a funny blurb and photograph. This is a book you will keep handy to savor whenever you need an infusion of joy.

Now you can achieve enlightenment without doing absolutely any work on yourself whatsoever!  The Keys to Life are yours for the price of a cheap paperback! 

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Now you can reach the highest states of consciousness possible to humanity without missing a single text message. This book is everything you need to ascend into the stratosphere of spiritual mastery!

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