Friday, December 31, 2021

#Planting White Muscari and Dwarf Iris in December for Spring Blooms

It's New Year's Eve! I hope you are well, safe, and ready for growth and new opportunities in 2022. I'm looking forward to a new gardening season and to kick it off I planted white Muscari and some yellow Dwarf Iris bulbs in a raised bed and whiskey barrel. I received both of them as a Christmas and realized that in California they needed to be in the ground no later than December for an early to mid Spring bloom. In the video below, I show how quick and easy it is to plant both types of bulbs. I will keep you posted on their progress as we begin to warm back up and they grow into beautiful flowers.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Kavee C&C 5x2 Cage Kit Set Up and Review for My #GuineaPigs

Five baby guinea pigs were dropped off at our local Tractor Supply store. Before they all were taken to a local animal rescue I wanted to take home two for myself. I had guinea pigs in the past so I was familiar with them, but I still had a lot to learn. The Internet and plenty of videos on the subject helped me to get the baby guinea pigs to adjust properly. I decided to adopt two males and I learned that males like companionship, but they also enjoy their own space. I had them in a much smaller cage from Petco and realized rather quickly that I needed a better solution. After researching plenty of cage options, I decided to go with a Kavee C&C cage with a lid. I purchased my cage directly from their website for the U.S, but I also noticed that they do sell their cages and accessories on Amazon as well.

In the video below I show you how I put together the 5x2 cage with a lid (recommended for male guinea pigs since they are very territorial). I also dressed it up and then let my guinea pigs give their first impressions. If you're thinking about a pet for your children or maybe even yourself, guinea pigs are good company. However, not all guinea pigs are the same. Some guinea pigs like it best with their feet always planted on the ground (not being picked by humans a lot ). While others, are very social and want to cuddle up. I am glad that I decided to take in two of the five to give them the best life possible. I have included the accessories I purchased as well, all from Amazon below. Have a wonderful Christmas with your pet babies too!

Recommended Accessories I Use from Amazon

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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Visit to #Pioneertown #Western Movie Village and Real Town

During the holidays I like to visit various tourist sites, museums, landmarks, etc, in California, and this time I visited Pioneertown, a western movie village and real town. This town was developed in 1946 by Dick Curtis, Roy Rogers, Dale Evens, The Sons of the Pioneers, and other period stars. It's still an active, working set, and real people are residents in the small town. How fun, right?! They have a functioning church and post office too. There are many little shops with unique gift items, visiting goats, and if you enjoy Western movies you'll enjoy a live show by the 'Gunfighters for Hire' on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays, October through May at 2:30pm. They perform free comedy skits of old-west re-enactments and shoot-em-ups on Mane Street. There is a saloon for getting a bite to eat and something to drink. Wear comfortable shoes or your cowboy and cowgirl boots.

To learn more, visit

In the video below, I share my walkthrough of the small town, but I recommend taking your own day trip to Pioneertown, CA to look around and explore. If you go, let me know in the comments below what you thought about the place and if you saw a Western shoot-out while there!

Western and Wild West Gift Ideas

National Geographic The Old West

Monday, December 6, 2021

My First Year Fall #Garden Tour 2021

My first-year fall garden has been doing very well. It has been unusually warm this fall, but cool enough for my peas to thrive. I have been enjoying them tremendously. I still have tomatoes pulling through and they have been plentiful too. I have carrots, radishes, beautiful lavender, and other plants in my raised beds. I'm glad I am able to share my fall garden with you, in hopes that you will see that you can grow your own vegetables too. It wasn't easy in the beginning, but I stuck with it, through the insects, caterpillars, earwigs, aphids, and others. I'm looking forward to learning even more in 2022 and sharing my future garden ventures with you. The weather will be cooling off, even more, this week, so I finished this video garden tour just in time. I have my Brassicas (cabbages, cauliflower, etc.) growing from seed in the house, but they will be heading out once they are larger and stronger. They enjoy the cooler weather so I will keep you posted.