Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If I Had Just One Month To Live...My 30 Days To A No-Regret Life

From my previous post, I was telling you that I will be embarking on a 30-Day Transformational journey. I was watching a sermon on television one Sunday morning recently by Kerry Shook and he had his wife on the stage. They were talking about how so many of us take our lives for granted and really are not doing what we know we were called to do. We settle on the jobs we have, put our gifts and talents in a closet to accumulate dust, and pretty much give up by using age as an excuse. So Kerry Shook threw in the monkey wrench, what if you had just one month to live! I continued to listen to the sermon and by the end wanted to really see if I was a victim of this same thing and decided to take myself on this deep inward journey.

Kerry and Chris Shook recommended their book One Month To Live as a tool to use to assess this. I got the CDs and their Journal because I know I will soak in everything better by listening and then writing in the journal about how I feel about things. I will be committing an hour a day in the early morning to just listening, meditating, and writing my findings. I will post for the next 30 days my findings and how this journey is impacting me personally and the things around me.

Ask yourself, What if I had 'One Month To Live'? What would I do differently? If you can truthfully answer that question and you are not currently doing that something, then take the challenge for yourself and write about it. Or, since I will be posting daily on each topic for the next 30 days, follow along with me and post your comments to share in each of my daily posts on what you have found about yourself. We can share together!

Why Not Audition For Cirque Du Soleil, Right?

I have always been very fascinated by the Cirque du Soleil shows that are performed all over the globe. The talented actors, dancers, singers, and special talents work together to bring to the stage a great fantasy. The people back stage do such an awesome job making it a dream come true. I have watched their website and wondered about sending in my application, but today I have done it! I just happened to see that they are looking for actors for their current and upcoming shows and it couldn't have come at a better time for me to give it a shot. So I nestled down in my quiet place and created some wordless scenes that I had to submit to casting to complete my application. So, this is my full audition demo of wordless scenes I improvised and created just for this application submission.


If you want to play along with my challenge to the Youtube community, just go to My Youtube channel and note your comments of what you think is happening in the different scenes. Or, you can also leave your interpretations to the Wordless video right here in this post. I'm interested in know what you think is going on in the scenes. I look forward to your comments.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Conquering Fear

There is really no one formula to conquering your fears. Sometimes I find myself battling with the fears of the unknown, failure and sometimes uncertainty. However, I know when I do feel this type of fear, it is preparing me for something greater than my own eyes can see.

The secret to conquering my fears is asking myself different questions and even affirmations to trigger a different mindset. Some of the questions and statements I make are: "How bad do I want it?", "I have an assignment, a divine purpose."I literally ask myself questions to get my mind to readjust and think of solutions.

If any man walking this earth say that they have no fear, then I would have to disagree. We all have something within us that attempts each day to limit our advancement. Sometimes its mechanical, social, ethical, spiritual, and even physical. However, it is up to us to keep it at bay.

Personally, as of now, I have set some pretty high goals that I must meet and they are really out there. I have focused myself on them and I know that I will have to deal with my own fears within and use them to my advantage. I feel that if everything was all right all the time, I wouldn't have anything to challenge my mind or have a will to achieve anything for myself. I have learned and come to a realization that the closer I get to accomplishing my high goals, the harder I have to be on myself to continue moving and pressing forward to the finish line I have first set for myself and the other which is out of my control.

In the coming entries, I will be talking about my 30-day transformational journey during the month of April. I have purchased a book and journal as well that will be taking me on this 30-day transformation and I will let you know more about it very soon...



Monday, March 29, 2010

Mo'nique's Oscar Win Inspires More To Dare To Dream

As an actor myself, I was so inspired by Mo'nique's Oscar Win. I've seen many win the prestigious honor and others who were nominated and so close. However, the hope and dream came even more alive within me this time because I saw that not only an African American woman won it again, but because of how the role she portrayed was so much unlike her normal character.

Mo'nique is known for her great stand-up comedy and she really does great work. This Oscar meant so much because I could see a woman standing on that stage, not only as a comedian, but as a leader. She became the role model to so many new and upcoming talents who dare to dream. I dare to dream.

I have a picture of an Oscar on my desktop computer and I get the opportunity to see him everyday. This is a reminder to myself to do something for my acting career everyday. I have also realized that the right opportunity could appear anytime and when it arrives I must be ready. I hear about so many talented actors who give up due to the NOs and lack of money or even discouragement. It really is enough to make anyone throw in the towel, but I've been through too many tests in my life to give up that easily. I know what it is to fight against opposition and succeed. So I work to stay focused and I stay filled with prayer for what He has in store for me. I get so excited when I think about those who have come before me and how they set the example for all of us even today. It was truly a gift to see the blue dress and the flower in Mo'nique's hair representing the humbling spirit of Hattie McDaniel. Wow! It felt so good to see and the moment will forever be in my memory and in the hearts of many who watched on that very night.

I dare to dream. I dare to dream.