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Hello! It's Selena of Selena Thinking Out Loud. I enjoy posting encouraging blog posts, hosting and sharing giveaways, and helping my readers save money!!! I am now advertising on my blog, which includes the following below:

1. Product Reviews on Selena Thinking Out Loud
Review Your Product on my blog and on all of my social media sites. The retail value will be taken into consideration as well. Cost: $40

2. Host Your Giveaway on Selena Thinking Out Loud
  • I will post your ready-to-go giveaway on my blog - Cost: $50
  • I will create the post for your giveaway and then post it - Cost: $80

3. Sponsored Post on Selena Thinking Out Loud
  • Ready-to-Post blogs will be added with your details and a link back to your website or social media sites you would like - Cost: $50
  • I will write your sponsored post, add images, and any links to your website/social and share it on social media - Cost: $80
Email me to schedule any of the following advertising projects above at: advertising [AT]