Friday, October 30, 2015

Pumpkin Carving Tutorial for #Halloween

Halloween is almost here and a perfect time for a pumpkin carving tutorial! 

This year, I decided for the first time ever, to carve a pumpkin to add to my home decor. The video below shares with you my experience. 

Do you carve pumpkins for Halloween? Share your comments below this video, I look forward to reading them. 

Have a Happy Halloween! 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Rise of the Jack O' Lanterns Fall 2015 Event - Video Recap

This past week, I had the opportunity to see over 5,000 carved pumpkins and Jack O' Lanterns, at The Rise of the Jack O' Lanterns Fall Event! 

It is held in New York, Los Angeles, and San Diego. I did hear that they will be bringing it to many more cities in the future. I went to see it at the Descanso Garden in La CaƱada Flintridge, CA. 

I also heard a nice brief overview from one of the pumpkin sculptors, when you first enter onto the trail. He was finishing up another pumpkin carving. So awesome!

To get into the Halloween swing of things I decided to attend this family-fun event! There were people of all ages really enjoying themselves. So, the kids will have fun too. You'll see why in my video recap below.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Captain George Flavel House Tour Experience in Astoria, Oregon

Recently, I toured the Captain George Flavel House in Astoria, Oregon, during my 7 day Coral Princess Cruise. Being my first time in Astoria, I wanted to experience something more historic. Among the many excursions, I decided to visit the Flavel House and have tea and scones. Before this tour, I knew nothing about Captain George Flavel, but I must say, he made a name for himself and left his own legacy in Astoria. He was a man who worked diligently for what he wanted. Captain George Flavel was hungry to achieve his own personal levels of success and that is a great life lesson for us all.

In this YouTube video, I share my experience, while touring the Captain George Flavel House.

My Flavel House Tour Review
To maintain the identity of this home, built in the 1800s, had to have been a huge undertaking. Every detail, from the wooden finishes, to the bed sheets, furniture, and kitchen accessories, must have taken many hours and even years of study to protect and maintain the history within this house. 

The Queen Anne style architecture is very apparent, and each room has its own charm and purpose. When I walked through the doors of this home, I felt like I was stepping back into history. It was an invaluable experience, to learn and see for myself, how an upper-middle class family lived during the 1800s. 

The tour guide was very well educated on the daily living practices of the family. She explained a lot about their lives and how each room served its purpose. The tour guide added a nice touch to the overall tour experience. 

Tea and Scones
The scones, pastries, and hot tea, was a nice addition to the tour experience before actually walking through the home. Everything was served in the dining room area of the home, with a lovely chandelier overhead. The fireplace, tall wooden doors and windows, set the mood for this room. It expressed a sense of style and class. The ladies serving the pastries and tea, were very patient and personable.

Flavel House Gift Shop

After the tour of the home, I went into the Flavel House Gift Shop where there were even more detailed information about Captain George Flavel and his family. There was a video playing in a small room, sharing how George Flavel worked to build his monopoly in Astoria. On the other side of the shop were displays of items to learn more about during this time in the 1800s. 

When I decide to go on vacation to anywhere new, I like to travel off the beaten path. This was one of the those times and I'm glad that I did. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Olive The Senses #CruiseExcursion Recap 2015 (Vlog)

Selena Thinking Out Loud had the opportunity to learn more about olive oils and balsamic vinegars during the Olive the Senses Princess Cruise Excursion this past September. Located in Victoria, British Columbia, this store, Olive the Senses, is packed with unique style and a tasting experience that will keep you coming back for more. 

Olive the Senses Cruise Excursion Recap
While tasting the different olive oils and balsamic vinegars, I learned that they bottle each of their products right there in-store. Each canister shares in-depth details about what you will expect, if you tasted a particular oil or balsamic. 

Personally, I am an olive oil lover. I cook with it all the time and love the flavor that it brings to my meals. By visiting this store, it has broadened my insights even more. As for balsamic vinegar, I knew some things about it, and mostly use it on salads. However, by trying the Olive the Senses Apricot White Balsamic Vinegar, I learned that not all balsamic is dark. The White Balsamic Vinegar has a pleasantly-sweet, apricot taste, but packs a lot of punch on my salads. It doesn't take a lot, to go a long way in flavor.

Olive the Senses - Liquid Nitrogen Olive Oil Gelato with Vegan Caviar Dessert

While you're tasting their large variety of oils and balsamic, make sure to try their Liquid Nitrogen Olive Oil Gelato with Vegan Caviar. You will be hooked instantly! It comes in a nice tasty shell, very refreshing, and again expands your mind into the power of olive oil and what you can do with it. My particular batch was prepared with an orange-flavored olive oil!

If you want to travel off the beaten path, while in their store, I would recommend browsing their plethora of recipe books. You will have plenty of ideas, when hosting your next dinner party, holiday party, or office potluck. And, don't forget to pick up some of their spreads too. One of my favorites was the Parmesan-Asiago Spread. This spread can be used on vegetables, crackers, or your favorite breads. It has plenty of bold flavors and was definitely made with lots of love! I'm looking forward to purchasing more. To purchase a jar of the Parmesan-Asiago Spread, click here to visit Olive the Senses online store.

Watch the YouTube Recap Vlog for an on-location experience.

Join Olive the Senses and Others to Fight World Hunger
I am very passionate about fighting world hunger. I participated in a dollar a day food challenge a couple of years ago and experienced how it felt to go through one week with limited resources for food. It made me even more grateful for what I have. 

That's why the Eat. Feed. Love. website is so special. 

Every time you purchase a product from, no matter how big or small, they will commit to feeding a person in need. It's that simple. 

So, spread the word and help feed someone in need today!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Selena Thinking Out Loud Has Changed Its URL!

Hello Readers! Selena Thinking Out Loud has changed its blog URL from

to its Official Blog Name URL: Please note this change.

The blog will still be managed and new blog posts will be added by Selena Brown, the blog owner, as normal. 

It was important that I let you know, as my readers, so that you could find all of my current and future posts.

There will be many more giveaways, product reviews, and vlogs. Selena Thinking Out Loud, had to get updated for its long-term, more established, home on the internet!

So...I will see you at:

Thank you for your patience while I update all of my latest links throughout my social media sites.

Selena B.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Chobani Greek #Yogurts Taste Test and #Review

This time Selena Thinking Out Loud completed a Chobani Greek Yogurt Taste Test and review! I will let you know which Chobani Yogurt is my favorite in my YouTube video, after sharing a bit of information about the BzzAgent campaign unboxing. 

The Chobani Greek Yogurts included in this video can all be found at your local Kroger supermarket or any of the Kroger supermarket chains, like Ralphs, here in Los Angeles, CA. 

Enjoy and Thanks for watching!

Which Chobani Greek Yogurt is your favorite?
Share your favorite Chobani Greek Yogurt in a comment below!

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