Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beginning Level 2 Commercial Class Tonight!

Before I get started, I just have to stress how important it is to keep yourself prepared for auditions. I recently got my first principal role for a commercial. During the audition process, they had us improvise with one other actor and it felt so comfortable. I didn't feel any competition or need to be competitive. I was a mom in the scene talking to a coworker on video chat. It was great to invent conversation. It was even more exciting to get the job as a principal. The crew was so nice and I even got to network with some really great actors who were principals as well. After being on the set, I finally felt like I belonged in this profession. People may say that it is competitive and difficult, but I have to say that what's for me is mine and that's all that really matters.

Also, I wanted to lead into the point that I had just started a Level 1 commercial class as well and just being in the presence of practice really set me up for success. That's what I believe. So, if you're wanting to break into commercials, find training that suits you and your budget. I'm taking Mike Pointer's Level 2 Commercial Class and will be well prepared for my next commercial opportunity.