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Mixed Drink and Cocktails Tank top #Giveaway! Open to US. Ends: 03.13.14, 11:59PM/EST

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose has a jazzy Mixed Drink and Cocktails Tank top Giveaway for you. It's always nice to have a couple of cool tank tops and tees in your closet, ladies. Sometimes, I feel like just slipping on some skinny jeans and a tank top, with a blazer, and I'm all good to go. This particular tank top showcases some popular drinks, even the non-alcoholic Shirley Temple. If you're feeling this tank top design and want to try to win it, enter the giveaway using the entry form provided below. 

At the end of the day, if you decide to drink, Please drink responsibly.

This giveaway runs through March 13, 2014, 11:59PM/EST
Open to US.  

Welcome to the Mixed Drink & Cocktails Tank Top Giveaway

Sponsored by:

One (1) lucky person will win a Mixed Drink Tank Top. 

 Complete the tasks on the Giveaway Tools widget provided below. All entries will be verified during the winner selection period. Remember, the more tasks you complete, the more chances you have to win.

Good Luck, Thank you for entering!

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My Kiss Looks So Natural Flirty Lashes Demo #KissLashes

Disclosure: The following KISS Lashes explanation below is 100% from my own experiences. This product was received complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. 

KISS Looks So Natural Flirty Lashes - No.#60484 (KFL02)

My Step-by-Step Kiss Looks So Natural Flirty Lashes Demo 

Before I applied the Flirty Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes, I made sure to complete my makeup application. I already have my shadow and mascara on my natural lashes as you see in the photo below. I like for my every day make up application, when I do wear it, to look pretty natural.

BEFORE Kiss Looks So Natural Flirty Lashes were applied
BEFORE Kiss Lashes 

Then I begin the process of applying the Kiss Lashes. 

STEP 1: I take them out of the box, with the adhesive glue that is also provided for you. These particular lashes are the Flirty Lashes - No.#60484 (KFL02)
 Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes comes with adhesive glue too!

STEP 2: Make sure to check the fit of the lashes, to make sure that they will line up with your natural lash line. I laid one of the lashes across the top of my left eye to size them up.

Check the fit of Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes across the top of your natural lash line

STEP 3: With the adhesive glue, provided in the box, I applied a thin layer of the glue on the Kiss lash for my left eye.

Apply a thin amount of adhesive glue to Kiss Looks So Natural lashes

STEP 4: Now apply the lash along your natural lash line. I held it along my lash line for about a half a minute to a minute, just to make sure that it would stick properly. Here's an image of how the FLIRTY Kiss Lashes look on me after application. It's pretty dramatic-looking, huh?

AFTER Kiss Looks So Natural flirty lashes were applied
AFTER Kiss Lashes

STEP 5: Add a little more drama to your eye makeup or wear the look natural, like me, with light make up. It's up to you. Do what makes you feel and look fabulous ;) 

According to Kiss, your lashes are reusable if handled with care. They recommend putting the lashes back on the carton that they originally came from for storage.

My Review: The Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes were easy to apply. They are very light on my eyes, but I would probably try a less 'flirty' lash for my everyday look. These made me feel like I was ready for a LIVE show performance or a night out on the town because of how long they were. I would use Kiss Looks So Natural lashes again. I give them a Grade: A.

Actress Selena Brown wearing Kiss Looks So Natural flirty lashes - No.#60484 (KFL02)

Leave any feedback or comments below
How often do you wear lashes? Share your comments below.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What's Inside my J'Adore VoxBox? @InfluensterVox #JAdoreVoxBox

Disclosure: The following products in the YouTube video and explained in my first reactions blog post below, were complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. Everything mentioned is 100% from my own experiences with these products.

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose was invited to review several products in the J'Adore Vox Box (#JAdoreVoxBox) for the Valentine's month of February, complimentary of Influenster. It's one of the most special times of the year, when you can share love with someone and even your family and friends. I hope you had a lovely Valentine's day and still wallowing in the love throughout the rest of your February.

As for me, it was nice to receive some Valentine's love, all nestled inside of my J'Adore Vox Box. If you're interested in knowing what was inside, watch the YouTube video, and read all about my first impressions below!

The Good, The Bad, & The Lovely about my Vox Box

I had heard some things about the Influenster Vox Boxes, but not very much, so I was interested in learning more about them. I joined Influenster about a couple weeks ago and started to share my perspectives on different topics/products from my Influenster profile. I also made sure to add my social media sites, to my profile, which I love using to share the goodies I find and discover, anyway. Soon I was invited to a Twitter party, which was full of useful tips for skin care by Neutrogena and then I was eventually invited to this J'Adore Vox Box campaign. 

If you're the type of person who enjoys sharing your perspective on new products or current products you use during your daily life, then Influenster may be right for you. 

Now, on to the good stuff. 

What's inside my J'Adore VoxBox? 


everything came inside one box, in one bundle. One thing I would recommend that Influenster do, is add some packing paper of some sort to section off everything in the box to keep it a little more organized. Shipping products in the mail can be a roller-coaster ride since they are thrown around and handled aggressively at times. It would assure that all products meet their final destination safely. However, overall, I was excited to dive in and read more about the products in the box. 

My eyes were first drawn to the Family Size bag of Hersheys Kisses (@HersheysKisses). I love Hersheys products, but I normally get their Hersheys bars with almonds when I'm in CVS or stopping by the gas station to get gas. Chocolate is a girl's best friend and I can say that some guys love it too. So, they couldn't go wrong by adding Hershey's Kisses to this Vox Box. They get two thumbs up!

Next, I received John Frieda Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight Flat Iron Spray (@JohnFriedaUS),which for me I wear a short, tapered, curly hairstyle, so I don't know how beneficial this product would be for me. I may just have to give it to one of my friends who can benefit from it, to get their impressions of the product. 

The third item in this Vox Box, I noticed, was the KISS Looks So Natural Lashes (@KissProducts). When I used to live in my hometown back east, I participated in local runway shows and events. During those events, the make up artists always put fake eyelashes on the models. Every time I would see myself in the mirror, I didn't look like myself. They were very thick and dramatic-looking. I felt like the puppet, Ms. Piggy, with the thick lashes on. They look great on Ms. Piggy, though. 

So, after those experiences, I only wore lashes for special occasions. I made up for this by buying mascara that made my lashes longer and stronger looking. However, I am definitely open to see how 'natural looking' these #KissLashes actually will be. I will keep you posted.

The fourth item I noticed was the Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask (@BootsBeautyUSA). I was actually in Target the other day, looking for a natural clay mask. I wanted to make sure that I was lifting out the impurities in my face on a weekly basis, so this came right on time, for me to try. There's just so much pollution in the air, that we all encounter on a daily basis, so at least keeping my face in tip top shape can be achieved. 

It's also important to read the ingredients in different products and to notice how products make you feel. I look forward to trying this clay mask and letting you know.

The last and final product in my J'Adore Vox Box was Red Rose Simply Indulgent Teas (@ShareRedRoseTea). I'm a Green Tea drinker for the most part. I love it a lot. When I'm working from home, there's nothing like having a hot cup of green tea by my side. It's a perfect combination. Now, that I have been introduced to Red Rose Teas, I will have the opportunity to try their Creme Caramel and Lemon Chiffon. I will keep you posted.

So...that's all of the goodies in my J'Adore Vox Box. I hope you enjoyed it and will go out and try these products too. 

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Friday, February 21, 2014

My Skin Care Routine {Morning + Night} Video!

Here on Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose, I share my Skin Care Routine for Morning and Night.

Having a skin care routine for yourself is important, whether you're a man or woman. It doesn't have to be complicated or filled with tons of products. My skin care routine for morning and night are the same and pretty simple. I like these products because they do the job on the dry areas of my face, remove dirts and oils from my pores, and moisturize my skin. I don't wear makeup everyday, so when I don't, I like to know that my skin is protected and nourished.

In the following YouTube video I share my morning and night skin care routine in greater detail. 

The products mentioned in the video are below and can be purchased on Amazon. The links have been provided for you. -- Remember, all products are not for everyone, so you may have different results. 

The Products I Used in the Video:

OLAY fresh effects {BEAD ME UP!} - Purchase on Amazon

Neutrogena Original Formula the transparent facial bar - Purchase on Amazon

POND'S Crema S Nourishing Moisturizing Cream - For Dry to Very Dry Skin - Purchase on Amazon

Leave a Comment, Sharing Your Skin Care Routine. What is some of your favorite items?

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Purex Fresh Mountain Breeze Crystals #Coupons #Giveaway! Open to US. Ends: 03.03.14

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose has teamed up with some other amazing bloggers to bring you this Purex Crystals Coupons Giveaway! It's nothing like having bright-colored, clean, clothes, on washing day. That's why Purex has developed a new product that will give your clothes that extra tender loving care they deserve. If you're a fan of cleaner, brighter, clothes, then why not enter this giveaway for your chance to win a coupon from Purex. There will be two winners in this particular giveaway, so there's a greater chance of winning. Good Luck to You!

This is open to US Residents.
This giveaway will run from February 18 through March 3, 2014,11:59PM/EST

Welcome to the Fresh Mountain Breeze Crystals Coupons Giveaway

Hosted by: SaraLee's Deals Steals & Giveaways

Sponsored by: Purex

Promoted by: Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose

Purex Crystals are 87% natural crystals that go in at the start of the wash, so they spend more time with your laundry infusing them with long-lasting freshness.

~ Don't Forget to Connect with Purex on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest ~

The Prize
 Two (2) people will win a free product coupons for NEW Purex Crystals (up to $6 ea).

How To Enter
To enter, complete the tasks on the Giveaway Tools widget below. All entries will be verified by the host. All entries are optional. 

Good Luck and Thank you for participating!

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BzzAgent #Beauty #Review and Video for Tone Petal Soft Body Wash

Disclosure: The following review is taken 100% from my own experiences with this product. It was given to me free, to try, as a BzzAgent.

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose is here as an official BzzAgent and happy to review another product. This time I tried Tone Petal Soft Pink Peony and Rose Oil Body Wash. 
According to the bottle for the New! Tone Petal Soft, "it gives your skin a fabulously flowery treat every time you shower. The delicate floral scent lathers on to keep you feeling irresistibly fresh and the rose-oil infused body wash formula helps leave your skin beautiful and soft." 
Tone also has other spa-inspired ingredients like cocoa butter, white clay, and alpha-hydroxy fruit acids that help keep your skin moisturized and nourished each and every day
My Tone Petal Soft Pink Peony and Rose Oil Body Wash Review

I was actually familiar with Tone bar soaps and their body washes before this BzzAgent campaign, but I always purchased their Cocoa Butter Tone bar soap and sometimes the body wash. Personally, I am not really a flowery, mega perfume-type chick, but I thought that I would give this new scented body wash a try anyway. Maybe, I would surprisingly like it, you know? 

First off, you do not need a lot of this body wash to get a good lather for your body. You only need about a tsp or tablespoon on your bath sponge or wash cloth. I used a wash cloth. This particular one, had a pinkish, pearl-like look as it went on my wash cloth and I could smell the strong scent of the product. 

As I washed my arms, then the rest of my body, I could feel my skin becoming softer and softer. It felt as if it was moisturizing my skin while under the water and using the product simultaneously. If you're into getting spa-treatments or going to the spa to relax in a full-body mud bath or anything of that nature, this Tone product put me in that atmosphere, without leaving the comfort of my home. 

I read that the goal of this product was to give you a spa-life feeling and I sincerly have to agree with that advertisement. Any other day, I would have never thought to pick up this scent of Tone, but having the opportunity to try it has really changed my mind and outlook, so I am thoroughly impressed. The smell of this product became milder after I rinsed it off my skin and dried off after the shower, which I was happy about. I could smell the scent of the pink peony and rose oil in my arms. 

My skin was so moisturized and soft that I didn't have to put on any other oils or lotions because I was good to go and ready to get dressed for my day. Being someone who is health-conscious, but a bit of a tomboy too, I believe that looking and feeling good goes hand in hand from the inside out. This product definitely adds to my lifestyle of living healthy, while looking and feeling great too. I give this Tone Petal Soft Pink Peony and Rose Oil a Grade A.

Want a Coupon?

If you love coupons like me. Then here's your chance to Save $1.50 on Any One Tone Body Wash or Bath Bar (6 Bar or larger) excludes trial size. This coupons EXPIRES: 5/31/2014

Yesterday, I went to Target and saw that Tone was priced at $2.99. If you shop there too, this would be a well worth it coupon for you to try this particular scent or another one of their amazing scents with spa-like effects. I know it's probably just as affordable in Walmart as well.

HOW TO GET ONE of my FOUR (4) Coupons:

1. Visit my Contact Me page.
2. Send me a Request about this Tone coupon with your mailing address included.
3. I will reply back to you if there are coupons still available to let you know that I will be mailing it out.

Tell Me About Your TONE Body Wash Experience. Leave your comments below!

What's your favorite TONE body wash or bar soap scent? How did it make you feel? 

Remember, you can become a BzzAgent also at:

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy #Valentines Day! Musiq - Don't Change (#Music Video inside)

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose would like to wish you and yours a loving Valentine's Day. May you find love, joy, peace and happiness on this day!

When I thought about this Valentines Day, I couldn't help but think of this song by Musiq, titled Don't Change. Enjoy! ;)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

BzzAgent #Review and Video: Schick HYDRO Silk Sensitive Care #Razor

Disclosure: The following review is taken 100% from my own experiences with this product. It was given to me free, to try, as a BzzAgent.

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose is an official BzzAgent and very happy to review the Schick HYDRO Silk Sensitive Care Razor. Being a military veteran, I was a late bloomer when it came to shaving. I know, what lady wouldn't shave right, but it is more common than you think. However, after serving in the U.S Army, I finally tried shaving and my experiences were mixed. I have sensitive skin and have tried to look for razors that would protect my skin but do the job well. So, when I had the opportunity to review Schick HYDRO Silk razor, I was all ears.

According to Schick's website, their HYDRO Silk razor: delivers a better hydration boost than any other razor. This uniquely designed razor goes beyond an incredibly close shave to actually care for your skin. With Water-Activated Moisturizing Serum & 5 Curve-Sensing blades with skin guards to help protect skin from irritation, the Hydro Silk® razor leaves skin feeling silky smooth! 
My Schick HYDRO Silk Sensitive Care Razor Product Review

Shaving can definitely be a scary experience, when you're not using a reliable brand razor. I have used many different brands, at different prices, but I must admit that this razor is amazing. I put the razor under water to activate the moisturizing serum like the packaging stated. Then I started shaving. I have to say that I didn't feel a thing. While I was shaving, I wondered if it was even removing the hair on my legs, but after rinsing away the Skintimate shaving cream, I was SO impressed. The hair was gone, I didn't have any nicks or cuts, it didn't feel like a traumatic experience at all. I normally use disposable razors, so using this refillable HYDRO Silk razor was new for me. The gel that came from the head of the razor spread across my legs while I shaved and I could actually see it doing its job. It actually performed like advertised on the Schick website. It also worked very nicely with the thick, rich, Skintimate shaving cream for Dry Skin.

Speaking of the Skintimate shaving cream for Dry Skin, I received a Free Coupon as a BzzAgent, to try it too, up to $3.79. This shaving cream was nice and thick, while providing an extra barrier of protection on my legs, while I shaved. I have purchased Skintimate before and will definitely make sure to purchase it again in the future. 

Overall, I had a fantastic shaving experience. I am now a refillable razor chick! The Schick HYDRO Silk Sensitive Care Razor gets a Grade: A, for awesome performance. I will be using it for many days to comes.

As a woman, it can be a challenge to find products that compliment our body types. We strive to look our best as wives, girlfriends, moms, and even single, independent, women. When a great product comes along to make our lives a little easier, I have no problem with sharing the good news.

Want a Coupon? - All Gone :(
I do NOT have anymore coupons left for the Save $4.00 on One (1) Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care Razor, as I update this blog review. 

The first 3 readers to contact me, received the coupons I had. I will be doing other product reviews and will be giving away more coupons in the future as well. 

Leave Your Schick HYDRO Silk Comments

The big thing about being a BzzAgent is creating BUZZ! So, I hope my product review for the Schick HYDRO Silk Sensitive Care Razor, helps you. 

Also, leave me your comments below to any of the following questions:

Are you a Schick Hydro Silk user? If so, what are your thoughts? 

Do you have shaving horror stories? can also become a BzzAgent by signing up for a Free account at 
Have Fun!