Monday, May 26, 2014

Mac & Cheese #MadeWithYogurt @Chobani (Video) - In Time for Memorial Day!!

If you're in the mood for Mac and Cheese tonight for dinner or for your next potluck, then you need to definitely try this recipe made with Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt. I had the opportunity to get a free 32 ounce container of Chobani yogurt as a Bzzagent. The goal was to cook with yogurt, which I had never done before. 

In this YouTube Video I take you step-by-step through my preparation of the Chobani Mac & Cheese. I did substitute some ingredients, like the milk for soy milk, and margarine for the butter, but it turned out just as tasty. If you're looking for the exact Chobani recipe, you can find it on their website here

Bon Appetit!!

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Salmon Cornmeal Cakes #MadeWithYogurt @Chobani #GotItFree @Kroger

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose worked out a little in the kitchen this week, using Chobani yogurt, I got free at Kroger with BzzAgent's help! I prepared two different recipes using yogurt, which was my first time ever, and I was actually impressed. This post is all about the Salmon Cornmeal Cakes, I made for dinner with a green salad. 

I started out following the amazing recipe on the website, Spicy Salmon Cornmeal Cakes, but then I realized that I have made Mackerel cakes for years, following a similar process. So I decided to use some of my routine spices (a combination of dried spices) and substitute Chobani yogurt for the usual egg. I liked using the cornmeal instead of my normal bread, in the recipe, as well. 

OMG! What an AMAZING salmon cake. They were just as MOIST, with the Chobani yogurt, as with the egg. I wish I could have shared them with someone. I am going to use Chobani Plain yogurt from now on because I don't eat eggs and I would have to buy a 6 or 12 dozen of eggs just to make my fish cake recipe. This saves me from having all those eggs in the house. 

You must try this recipe.

Ingredients Used:

1. Heat 1 T oil in a medium skillet over medium heat. Add peppers and onions and cook, stirring often, until soft, about 3 minutes. Stir in garlic and cook about 30 seconds. Set aside.

2. Flake salmon into small pieces.

3. Add onion-pepper mixture and add your spices, ground pepper, cornmeal and Chobani yogurt.

4. Stir and evenly distribute onion-pepper mixture and add your spices, ground pepper, cornmeal and 

Chobani yogurt.

5. Your salmon mixture should look similar to this.

6. Use a ¼ c/60 g cup measure to shape mixture into patties. Heat remaining oil in skillet over medium-high heat until hot. 


7. Cook salmon cakes on both sides until browned, 6-10 minutes total. 

8. This is the final product! The Chobani yogurt made 

the salmon cakes very moist. I normally put an egg 

or two in my salmon cakes, but now I am going to  

stick with Chobani from now on.

Absolutely Delicious!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

BzzAgent Unboxing and #ProductReview for Coppertone ClearlySheer! (Video) #Sunscreen

The weather is getting warmer and the sun is doing its dance in the blue skies. Now is the perfect time for all of us to pull out and use our sunscreen. It's also a great opportunity to introduce Coppertone's ClearlySheer sunscreen. This product was provided to me as a BzzAgent and I also received samples and coupons to share with YOU!

BzzAgent Unboxing - YouTube Video for Coppertone

In this YouTube video below, I go into detail on each product in my BzzAgent kit. 

Want a $2.00 Off Coupon? (3 Left as of 5/20/14)
I have 3 MORE COUPONS for $2.00 Off Any Copperton CLEARLYSHEER sunscreen. The expiration date is 08/15/14

If you want one, just send me a request from my blog, while supplies last, at the Contact Me tab above or click here:

Update! My Personal Review After Using this Product
I have actually been using the Coppertone ClearlySheer a lot now, this season. I've been having to go in the sun a lot more, from running errands, to taking a road trip to Las Vegas for business, this past weekend. The sun is definitely not playing out there :) 

It's an awesome sunscreen because it feels like a moisturizing lotion as well and it doesn't leave a thick residue on my skin, like others have in the past. The smell is pleasant and not overpowering. I find myself using the travel size ClearlySheer often since it's conveniently in my purse. I don't have to force myself to think about using it because I know it's in my purse for me, when I need it. 

I do have to make sure that I don't put it too close to my eyes if I use it on my face, under my make up. So I just put it on the high points of my face, instead of using it like a facial cream protector. I got watery eyes for about 10-15 minutes or so :)

Overall, I will continue to use this sunscreen and would purchase it again.

Avoid Extreme Sun Exposure
Please make sure to pick up a tube or bottle of Coppertone ClearlySheer or their other sunscreens for you and the babies, for the beach, public pool, amusement park outing, or wherever sun exposure finds you. Skin cancer has no ethnicity. I see it all the time, in my work. Be safe out there in the sun! 

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PunchTab Loyalty Program is Ending! Use Your Points before May 31st :(

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose enjoys providing its readers with awesome rewards, just for stopping by and seeing what's going on, in my blogging world. I was working with PunchTab's...

Loyalty Program

which rewarded my visitors and guests with points to enters contests for Gift Cards and prizes. However, I have been informed, that they will be ending this program in their business. So...if you currently have loads of points, make sure to redeem them for entries, in the contests they have left, for gift cards and such if you have enough points. The program will officially end on May 31, 2014!!

See schedule of events below, for this program's closure:

For clarification, here’s a little timeline:
-Starting today, April 2nd, no new program sign ups will be offered.
-April 15th, your users will start to see messaging on the PunchTab dashboards that the program is being retired and they need to use up their points by May 31st.
-April 30, programs can no longer be access and points cannot be earned.
-May 31th, the catalog closes and remaining points can no longer be redeemed.
Thanks for all your comments and just stopping by! 

No Worries...I'm still doing giveaways, product reviews, and things, myself, but this is the newest change with a vendor I was working with for some time and wanted to inform you about it.

Have a fantastic day!!

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Friday, May 16, 2014

BzzAgent #Unboxing for Chobani (Video)

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose is bringing you another BzzAgent Unboxing! This time, I have the opportunity to try some new recipes using Chobani Greek Yogurt. I have never cooked with yogurt before so this will be a new experience for me. I have eaten Indian food, which some of their dishes use yogurt, which were SO tasty. I'm a fan! 

I do enjoy trying new things so I'm definitely all in, where Chobani is concerned, with trying some recipes. They have a number of recipes right on their website at: So...get COOKING!

I'm going to whip up one or two dishes, using the Chobani Greek Yogurt recipes, in my kitchen, and share them with you, on video, next week

Today, here's my BzzAgent Unboxing for Chobani, YouTube video, to help you get going, using Chobani too!

Want to become a BzzAgent? 

It's simple and easy.

1. Visit
2. Create a Free Profile.
3. Make sure to add your social networking sites you use (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), and your blog, if applicable to you.
4. Answer the surveys they have for you. This gives them an idea of your interests for any future BzzAgent campaigns.
5. If you're invited to a campaign, it's up to you to accept it or not, then when you do, you receive the products, in the mail, to review, and create buzz!!
6. You then report back to Bzzagent about your experience with the product, on their website, and share other feedback from people you spoke to or shared the product(s) with on social media.
7. The more active you are with a campaign, the more chances you have of getting on another one.

Have fun!

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Friday, May 9, 2014

My Mary Kay Glam Look Make Up Tutorial Video - @Influenster #MKGLAM VoxBox

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose is at it again, trying new things, in another make up tutorial video. Take a look, as I show you my step-by-step process for creating a conservative but glam look with all of the Mary Kay products in my Influenster #MKGLAM VoxBox!

Before this experience, I had never used Mary Kay beauty products. However, I was familiar with the brand, from ladies who were independent reps. I was very impressed with each product in the VoxBox. I was surprisingly able to create a complete look! 

Although, I thought all of the products were just fabulous, I have to give extra kudo points to the Nourishine plus Lip Gloss in Mango Tango. I like to keep things simple, but it really inspired me to step outside of my shell for this Spring and Summer. I heard that a touch of color, on the lips, was popular this season, so why now, right? It was just enough color and provided my lips with endless moisture. It also received compliments on my Facebook profile. It was suggested as a great "Summertime" color. 

Secondly, I have to say that the Lash Love mascara was another big hit! I put on about 2 or 3 coats to get an even bolder look but for everyday 1 or 2 coats is just fine. It elongated my lashed, as advertised. I would purchase this one again also with the lip gloss.

I have no complaints. I was SUPER surprised how ALL of the products in my Influenster Voxbox, created a COMPLETE glam look! I loved that! What a complete make up experience I had. I learned more about Mary Kay products that I would have probably never thought to use. They broadened my horizons, when it comes to make up. What a treat!

I definitely recommend all of these products I used, in the Mary Kay make up line. I hope that you will give some of them a try and create your very own glam look, to share, this Spring and Summer! 

Products in the Influenster #MKGLAM (Mary Kay) VoxBox

The items mentioned, in the VoxBox, can be purchased from or your Independent beauty consultant. The current prices are listed below as of the time the voxbox was received.

*Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara ($15.00)

*Mary Kay Cream Eye Color Apricot Twist ($14.00)

*Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color Shy Blush ($12.00)

*Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder ($16.00)

*Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner with Expandable Brush Applicator, Jet Black ($18.00)

*Mary Kay Bronzing Powder ($18.00)

*Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss, Mango Tango ($14.00)

*Mary Kay Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush ($10.00)

Share Your Mary Kay Glam Look for Spring or Summer!
Share any comments or feedback you have about any or all of the Mary Kay products.

Join the conversation on these beauty products on Twitter or Facebook using #MKGLAM!

All opinions mentioned in this post, is 100% from my own experiences with the Mary Kay products. All of the products were provided to me for testing purposes by Influenster.