Sunday, October 30, 2016

#Sunday Time With God Episode19: God's Message in a Jigsaw Puzzle #BibleDiscussion #LetGoLetGod

In this Sunday Time With God, Episode 19, God used a jigsaw puzzle to teach me the message of patience, trusting His timing, and letting go and letting Him work in my life. 

When I first received the thought to purchase a jigsaw puzzle, I didn't know when I would have the time to get it done. However, I settled down and started on this mini task and received God's messages for me and now I'm sharing it with you in this Story Time Sunday, Time With God, Episode #19.

Use your Bible or a Bible app, to follow along with the scriptures mentioned in the video.

♥ Proverbs 3: 5-6

Friday, October 28, 2016

#DIY Sugar Facial Scrub for Moisturizing and Brightening Review #FridayFacial #SpaDayatHome

Selena Thinking Out Loud invites you to join in on this Friday Facial, hosted by Glamour Guru on YouTube! 

It's a 'Spa Day with Nae' and I have been enjoying watching her reviews of other facial products and decided that this DIY Sugar Facial Scrub was one to try for myself. She shared all of the ingredients for the DIY Sugar Scrub and walks you through how she does it too. I followed her DIY recipe but used Brown Sugar instead of white sugar and no honey since I'm now vegan, but you have options with this DIY recipe.

Watch Glamour Guru's demonstration of the DIY Sugar Facial Scrub on YouTube. 

My Video Review Response to the DIY Sugar Facial Scrub is below...

Sunday, October 23, 2016

#Sunday Time With God Episode18: Spiritual Gifts and Talents #BibleDiscussion #SpiritualPurpose

In this Sunday Time With God, Episode 18, we learn more about Spiritual Gifts and Talents

As we grow older and seek to find our purpose in life, we begin to discover our greatest talents. We then go to college, trade school, and even take a more entrepreneurial approach to nurture our talents. From a spiritual perspective, we also acquire our very own spiritual gifts to work together in the Body of Christ to share the Word of God and help others. This gives us our Spiritual Purpose in this life.

Use your Bible or a Bible app, to follow along with the scriptures mentioned in the video.

1 Corinthians, Chapter 12

Spiritual Gifts
  • Message of Wisdom
  • Message of Knowledge
  • Message of Faith
  • Gift of Healing
  • Prophecy
  • Miraculous Power
  • Discern Spirits
  • Speak in Different Tongues (Languages)
  • Interpret Different Tongues (Languages)

Watch the full, Sunday Time With God, Episode 18 video: Spiritual Gifts and Talents, below.

As you grow in Christ and have discovered your Spiritual Gift(s), cherish it and use it proudly to contribute to the Body of Christ. We are One Body in Christ ;)

♥ Have a blessed week 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Colourpop Mini Ultra #MatteLipsticks Review and Swatches #Vlog

Selena Thinking Out Loud reviews Colourpop Mini Ultra Matte Lipsticks! It was a first for me, when I ordered these mini lipsticks from Colourpop. I heard a lot of good things about their makeup so I wanted to see for myself. In the video blog below, I share my personal experience, so this review has 100% of my own opinions

Lipsticks and lip glosses look different on different skin tones, so I didn't want to commit to the larger tubes without trying as many as I could. So I went with their FOXY Mini Matte Lipsticks pack. They were reasonably priced and arrived to my door in 3 days. 

Some colors surprised me and others I would only wear sometimes, or on special occasions. I found that the matte lipsticks dried rather quickly and stayed on pretty well even after eating lunch. I didn't put too much of the product on my lips at one time, so I didn't mind touching up my lips if I had to. I used a makeup remover pad to get the lipsticks off and they all did very well. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase and would look to getting more brownish lipstick shades next time.

Here's a look at the different colors swatched on my wrist.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Story Time #Sunday | Time With God Ep17: Keep Hope Alive #BibleDiscussion #NeverGiveUpHope

In this Story Time Sunday, Time With God, Episode 17, we learn how to keep HOPE alive. 

Hope means:
to trust in, wait for, look for, or desire something or someone, or to expect something beneficial in the future. (Source: Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology)

By building a strong, continual, relationship with God, it strengthens our hope in Him. We will learn how to develop hope and the difference between worldly hope and spiritual hope. There is a difference. Finally, we will see how powering through our struggles and shortcomings make us stronger, by building our perseverance, character, and ultimately, our HOPE!

Use your Bible or a Bible app, to follow along with the scriptures mentioned in the video.

♥ Romans 5:2-5
♥ Romans 8:24-25

Watch the full, Story Time Sunday Time With God, Episode 17 video: Faith in God, below.

Comment Below 
In the Bible discussion, I mention ways that you can produce more hope in your life. Which will you apply to your own life?

♥Have a blessed week!♥

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Disclaimer: The links shared in this blog post, on Selena Thinking Out Loud, contains affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase with my links, which will support this blog. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

e.l.f Cosmetics Lip Exfoliator #Review (Video)| Selena Thinking Out Loud

When the weather starts to get cooler, I find that my lips get drier and more chapped so I decided to try e.l.f Cosmetics Lip Exfoliator (Clear). I also recently purchased some matte lipsticks for the Fall that I wanted to try. So it's important for my lips to be well-moisturized and exfoliated to look their best! 

I have never tried a lip scrub or lip exfoliator so this was my first time. After reading some reviews online about the e.l.f Cosmetics Lip Exfoliator, I thought that I would give it a go! Here's my video review, after trying their product.

Have you tried e.l.f Cosmetics Lip Exfoliator? Leave your comments below this blog post.

e.l.f Cosmetics has three (3) different flavors of their Lip Exfoliator. Click the images below to get more details

Lip Exfoliator (Clear)

Lip Exfoliator (Sweet Cherry)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lip Exfoliator (Mint Maniac) 

Disclaimer: This product review was not sponsored by e.l.f cosmetics. I purchased this product for my own personal use. This video review and other details above are 100% my own opinion. Your results may vary. Selena Thinking Out Loud has provided affiliate links to Amazon and Target for purchasing.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Story Time #Sunday | Time With God Ep16: Faith in Christ #BibleDiscussion #HaveFaith

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, FAITH means:
strong belief or trust in someone or something 
belief in the existence of God : strong religious feelings or beliefs
With so much happening in our lives on a daily basis, sometimes we can begin to lose our faith. However, in this Story Time Sunday Time With God, Episode 16 video, we find out how we can strengthen our Faith. We also learn how important it is for us to have unending Faith when it comes to our health, finances, career, love relationships, and hopes and dreams. 

Use your Bible or a Bible app, to follow along with the scriptures mentioned in the video.

♥ Matthew 9: 27-30; Matthew 17: 19-20
♥ Acts 14: 8-10
♥ Mark 11: 22-24
♥ Proverbs 3: 3-6

Watch the full, Story Time Sunday Time With God, Episode 16 video: Faith in God, below.

The Bible I Use: Women of Faith NIV Study Bible -

Comment Below 
Do you find it difficult these days to stay faithful in Christ's plan for your life? Comment below. 

♥ Have a blessed week!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Farm Fresh to You #OrganicProduce Delivery Service #Review UPDATE! #CaliforniaFarms #ISpyFFTY

It has been a while since I initially shared my first impressions about Farm Fresh to You. Since my last video, I have attended a Farm-Visit Event and learned about Hass Avocados, how they irrigate their crops, and picked some oranges, avocado, and lemons right off the tree.

But, is delivery of organic fruits and vegetables worth it? I have been using their delivery service for about 6 months now and will share my personal experiences as a customer. 

In the following video below, I share my newly-updated review, how I feel now about their service, the produce itself, how I prep my organic fruits and vegetables once they arrive, and customer-focused things to know.

GET $10 Off Your First Box! Use Coupon Code: SELE8487

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Story Time #Sunday | Time With God Ep15: How To Pray #BibleDiscussion #HowToPray

Prayer is a very special time spent with God. When we come to Him with humility and thanksgiving, he receives us. We may share with God things in our lives that we could never share with friends and family. However, that's alright because God knows all things and desires to have quality time with us in prayer. 

On the other hand, some may not know How to Pray, so that's why I felt led to share more about this, in this week's Story Time Sunday, Time With God, Episode 15.

The Scriptures mentioned in the video are listed below, for you to reference in your own Bible or Bible app.

♥ Luke 6: 12; Luke 18: 9-14
♥ 2 Chronicles 7: 14
♥ Matthew 6: 5-13

The Bible I Use: Women of Faith NIV Study Bible

Comment Below 
If you pray, how has it affected your life? If you have never tried playing, give it a try this week and share your first-time experience below.

♥ Have a blessed week!