Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 4: Power Surge - Connecting With The Ultimate Source

One Month To Live Transformational Journey

Life Lesson (from journal): "We have to be connected to a power source beyond ourselves--a power source that never wavers, flickers, or leaves us in the dark. We have to move from willpower to the real power that comes from a connection to our Creator."

Chris Shook opens today's lesson talking about how dependent we are on power. If there is ever a flicker of light we are looking frantically for flashlights, candles or anything to give us a source of light. She also speaks about how important it is for us to have "Power" literally to do what we do each day, especially when it comes to making changes in our lives. However, we often try to make the changes with our own willpower and not with a dependence on God's power.

My Answer: I could really relate to this on Day 4, because I am a very independent person who will work hard as nails for what I want and hope for. I sometimes lose focus on the spiritual aspect that consumes me and that's when things seems to push me back to get into a perspective of how I reached a certain point in the first place. From the journal and the scripture they recommend, I understand how important it is to trust in God for guidance and also when I am just not 100%. Sometimes I get confused, frightened, exhausted, and even frustrated, but those are the times when I need to really consult God and get his perspective.

In the journal, they give two ways one can really stay connected to God everyday. To my surprise, it really isn't overly religious or anything, but really taking the time to have constant communication and constant confession. In the journal, it instructs that this can happen anywhere at anytime to yourself, or while you're driving, or you can relate this to how often you speak to your best friend or husband, children. You care for them so you're always talking to them about what's going on with you and that's what they are referring to.

I do tend to use constant communication when I'm on my way to an audition because I really need to get myself centered and ready. I know that when I do get an audition that it is totally meant to be and I need to capitalize on these opportunities that God gives me so I prepare myself. I really feel, especially, how important it is to seek God in constant communication because some days can really be a roller coaster or battlefield. Through prayer it gives me hope that He is with me in whatever decisions I have to make today and in the days to come. Some days all I can really do is send my questions to Him for a better understanding.

With constant confession, Chris Shook says that you don't have to go to your preacher, priest, or church to confess to God. He knows our thoughts and welcomes us to open our hearts to him. I can definitely believe this one because some days, I can be a firecracker like anyone else and leaning on God is the only way for me to refocus and get back on track. When you can't tell anyone else, even your best of the best, about your issues, then He is the one to go to because he won't judge, but will listen and bring a solution to the issue. That's why I always say that everything happens for a reason because I see how things just "magically" turns around for me and gives me new insight and light on things that may have me unsettled.

Face Time
Instead of posting Today's Challenge, I thought that the Face Time exercise in the journal would be great for you on today. Complete these phrases with your own personal need or want, etc.

1. God, I need Your help to stop relying on my own power instead of Yours. Especially when it comes to_________________________________________________________________________.

2. But Your wisdom is endless. Your abilities are boundless. And You care more about me than I can ever know. So I want to live in Your power today. You know what's on my heart right now, so I'm asking for Your help with________________________________________________________________.

If you want to leave feedback or a comment, I would love to hear what you come up with.

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