Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 7: Dreamsicle - Thawing Out Your Frozen Dreams

Life Lesson (from journal): "God has put us here for a reason and planted dreams within us so we can do our part in seeing them realized."
Chris Shook begins today's lesson by talking about her love for Dreamsicles. She talks about chasing down the ice cream truck as a little girl, just to enjoy that orange sherbet surrounding vanilla ice cream. She relates this experience to our frozen dreams. How some of us have put our dreams on ice and pushed them far back into the freezer and left them to accumulate freezer burn. We have lost our childhood dreams and feel as if our Dreamsicle has melted too soon. We have become vulnerable to doubt and reason.

(From journal): "What does God want you to do about dreams from Him that you once pursued, but have abandoned?" (See Revelation 2:4-5)

My Answer: He wants me to go back to my first loves. Some of my first loves were going to museums to see art, to draw animated characters again like I did as a kid, put puzzles together which challenged my mind, to continue learning how to become an entrepreneur in my own right and ultimately to keep on the course towards a full-time career in the arts.

(From journal): "Some people's "doubt" is a smoke screen for resistance to God. But what is God's attitude toward a genuine doubter?" (Jude 1:22)
My Answer: God says to be merciful to them (the doubter).
(From journal): "When you doubt your ability to fulfill a God-given dream--to achieve something He wants for you--what does God say about His willingness and ability to fulfill that dream? (1 John 5:14-15; Jeremiah 32:17)
My Answer: Fulfilling that dream--God hears us if we ask him according to his will. God has made the Heavens and the Earth, there is nothing too hard for God.

Kerry Shook then came on the audio, or if you are following in the book to talk about how impatience really hinders us with pursuing our dreams. I can definitely relate to this about patience. I want things to happen now and sometimes I forget that time is needed sometimes to prune a situation or make it better for me. I found these examples, Kerry Shook gave from the Bible to be awesome for explaining how even the great men of God in the Bible had to practice patience. Here they are to share with you:
  • Abraham - was told that he would be a father of a great nation. He was 99 years old before he had a child!
  • Moses - became a leader to guide the Jewish people out of slavery in Egypt. They plight for over 400 years, but first he sent him to the desert to tend sheep for 40 years.
  • Jesus Christ - had to wait 30 years before he was able to begin his ministry on Earth.
I mean, now that puts it in major perspective for me because I really do sometimes wonder when are my dreams going to kick start and I guess I know the answer to that now. Even the great men of God had to practice patience and wait for their divinely assigned time to move.

(From the journal): "Satan's doubt-inspiring voice can sound very much like the voice of reason, even the voice of righteousness (2 Corinthians 11:13-15). What will you do to obey God's command and claim His promise in (1 Peter 5:8-11)?" Leave your comment on this journal question if you would like.
(From the journal): "When Satan whispers, "You're not up to it," why is this message so convincing? Why is it dangerous?"
My Answer:  Well, this message is so convincing b/c I'm already thinking way outside the box, and you hear so many people saying that acting is competitive and it's really about who you know, so you wonder and then start second-guessing yourself. It's dangerous b/c you've wasted a day, a week, month, or year on the dream or assignments you know you are to continue to work on. You miss opportunities to grow in your dream, experience the beginnings, meet the right people, educate yourself, or prepare for God's many assignments that will advance the dream. This is huge because it happens everyday and even in my own life, I reset my mind to fight against these wavering thoughts b/c this is a real challenge of will and determination. "How bad do I want it attacks!"
(From the journal): "Do you need God's healing? What will you do to claim His promises right now? (See Psalm 147:3) and Isaiah 61:1-3), a promise of the Messiah's ministry to us.)" Leave your comments or feedback if you would like.
Today's Challenge
     Choose a frozen dream that you think God wants you to pursue. If your faith is still weak and your wounds are still deep, He understands if you start with something small.
     Live in dreamland for at least a few minutes. Imagine the end picture if this dream is fulfilled. Describe the steps it would take to fulfill this dream.
     Now pray and ask God to fill you with enthusiastic confidence in Him and His dream for you.
     Write a tentative date for your first step and share it with someone.

Leave your feedback!

Face Time
      My frozen dream is in Your hands, Lord. Help me to trust You to let it thaw out. I choose to believe that, if it's Your dream for me, You'll give me hope, passion, and power to fulfill it. And if it's not, please give me new direction. 
      Please heal me of [describe your disappointment wounds] ____________________________
      And give me strength to resist Satan's lies. In particular, I'm wrestling with [share your doubts
      Thank You for Your promises to me. Help me to trust You more.

That's all for today folks! Keep dreaming and leave your feedback or comments!

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