Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 6: Monkey Bars - Risking Greatness

One Month To Live Transformational Journey

Life Lesson (from journal):"The only way to risk greatness is to trust God with all areas of your life...He wants us to trust Him to accomplish incredible things we could never achieve on our own."

Kerry Shook begins by talking about his son and his experience, hanging from the Monkey Bars. So he lifted his son onto the Monkey Bars to hang and he was so happy. He dangled there and eventually he started to become tired and wanted his father, Kerry Shook, to bring him down. Kerry Shook told his son to "let go and he would catch him", but his son became nervous and scared and didn't want to let go. Eventually he became so tired that he had to let go and his father, Kerry Shook, was there to catch him as he said he would. The boy became happy again and ran off to the swings.

My Answer: This day truly speaks to me because I still have a hard time letting go and letting God take care of things. I think sometimes thats because I have the strength, so I should do something to resolve a situation or circumstance, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I know that God gives me strength, commonsense, and the will, but I must understand that to trust Him means letting him go before me to prepare my next steps.
Something to ponder from journal: Imagine you were guaranteed pain-free success. Describe five great accomplishments you would love to pursue for God.
My Answer: One of mine was, doing missionary work in a needy country. There is so much violence going on in other countries and even close to our own borders, but I have always wanted to help others in third world countries. I could teach English or be a caregiver.

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I thought these scriptures were great from the journal on understanding God's promises for success and protection over our lives. (John 10:27-30; Romans 8:31-39; 2Timothy 4:16-18)

My Summary of the scriptures:God wants to see me successful, but wants me to learn to lean on Him for that success. He wants me to trust that He is God and that He knows my goings and comings. He knows what is right for me and how I should reach the successes in my life. He will also protect me from the things seen and unseen. He is my shield.

Frankly speaking, I know this may sound a little too religious for some, but I can say personally that this is real. Over the past few days since really making myself vulnerable to this information of a "One Month To Live" mentality, I have saw how the little things I've done on one day, set me up for what I had to do the next day. My concept of "everything happens for a reason" is becoming more about my steps into the right direction toward multiple-purposed life. My desires to act, to live peacefully, to enjoy people and their talents, to share in happy times with my family, to provide to those in need, to trust God when I feel that He is the only one to trust. I have come to realize how my spiritual perspective on life is so important to my physical presence in this life. My connection to nature and other people who share my similar walk, are so important to my advancement. Being able to naturally connect with those similar spirits within other people in this life, leads me ultimately to the purpose God has for me. So, yes, this may appear too religious or outside of the box, but until we tap into our spiritual center of why we are here, we will continue to be lost to life and the trust we have in our God will be null and void.

Who can you trust? I've heard this before by some who have put their trust in girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, teachers, preachers, and even pets. However, when that trust was broken due to the imperfections of the flesh, they feel violated. The journal says, "Consider the statement, "To know God is to trust Him." Do you agree? Why or Why not? (See 2 Timothy 1:12, Ephesians 3:16-21.) 

My Answer: I agree, because if I really know God, I know that he really has my back and wants the best for me. He will not try to back-stab me or set me up for failure. He knows me better than anyone. Constant connection with Jesus is worth the faith-filled risks because first of all, what do I have to lose if he knows me better than anyone. He will not judge, but lead me to a better solution. So, I believe that is why I don't get too bothered by people who just don't get me, because I don't really expect them to. I am a unique being with a lot of complex levels and it would be crazy for someone to try when they have their own life to tend to. I know that God knows what he's working with because he molded me and that's why I can just live in this life and accept people for who they are and just keep on trekking until it's time to leave this life.

Today's Challenge
What's one risk you want to take for God? Write a list of pros and cons. What are the worst and best possible end scenarios?___________________________________________________.

Face Time
Okay, God, we both know what I've been putting off. And we both know why. I'm putting this situation in Your hands:_______________________________________________________.

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