Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The sound that comforts me…in #BoostYourBlog Challenge

The sound that comforts me is heavy rain as it pours violently on the pavement and through the trees. When I hear the rain, my ultimate desire is to get back under the warm sheets to sleep. I don't know if the rain has some type of therapeutic control over me but I feel safe and secure. When I look out the window I can see everyone running around in it and the birds dodging every drop. My cats don't like rain so much but they enjoy watching through my patio window. I do wonder how everyone is fairing in Los Angeles, CA since it's not the best weather to have for drivers here.

When I was younger, I would hear people say that when it rains, God is crying and he is also cleaning up the earth. In the media, lately, I can definitely see why God would be crying. Some people have been really unpredictable with weapons in schools and violence against others. Through the rainy days we as people are supposed to see our faults, our shortcomings, and how we need to improve our lives. Although, the rain is the sound that comforts me, I look forward to the sunny days too, which gives me a second chance to put things right.

Is rain the sound that comforts you? Listen to this video to find out.

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