Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My worst #Nightmare… in #BoostYourBlog Challenge

My worst nightmare involved a dark spirit, pulls on my ankles and snakes with one king cobra when I was 9 or 10 years old. I don't know how we get into the nightmares and dreams we experience. It's always a mystery to me. Above all of them, this one is most memorable in my mind for this challenge.
Dreaming - Photo by Livke
It was quiet in the house, on that street, in Washington, DC. Everyone was sleeping, including myself, but I was going to have to fight to escape mine. 
"I found myself in a tunnel with grey walls. It was foggy and I really couldn't see anything as I walked. I began to get scared and started to run when I heard sounds and then fell on something. I was sleeping still but could feel the pressure of a dark spirit of some sort, pulling on my ankles. It was trying to drag me. I was screaming and reaching out for someone to save me. I then looked up as I reached out to see snakes around me but there was one king cobra that stood, staring directly at me. I screamed even more and continued to reach out for help. Just when the king cobra had stood in position to attack, I was pulled awake by my father who had heard me screaming. I could feel myself waking up and I looked at my pillow and saw the snakes running away off my pillow and out of sight." 
After I was settled back down, it really took me some time to go back to sleep and not think of all those snakes that was on my pillow. That was a night to remember for me, even now when my mind wanders or I see snakes at the zoo, in someone's possession or being talked about. However, I'm not scared of them. It didn't terrify me that much, but all the elements of the dream makes me think what did it all mean. What a nightmare, right? 

As a child and growing up as a teenager, I was no stranger to nightmares. I believe spirits sometimes prey on children because they are the gifts of God and want to see good in everything. I guess I was always their favorite to visit and scare in my dreams. Now, as an adult, if I have a nightmare, I call out to God and he makes it all better. I'm happy to report that I have very little nightmares these days but simple dreams. I guess we all do have guardian angels that protect us and guide us when we leave our parents to find our own way. I'm very grateful for that.
guardian angel
Guardian Angel - Photo by raichinger

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