Friday, January 11, 2013

#MyFavoritePlace to visit… in #BoostYourBlog Challenge

Photo from LA Parks

My favorite place to visit is Lake Balboa at Anthony C. Beilenson Park in Van Nuys, CA.  I had no idea about this lake until one of my friends suggested that we take a walk there. She would run around Lake Balboa for a good workout. Many times I take runs around the park too. There are many ducks of all different shapes and sizes. They stay busy in the park and you may even catch a mother with her young crossing some of the little pathways. There is a playground for little children, fishing locations, grilling spots and other recreational activities you can do. During the warmer days, you will find families and friends getting together for birthday parties, reunions, weddings, and to celebrate the holidays. The workers do such a great job of keeping the park in tip-top shape for it's visitors.

I find myself thinking of visiting this place when I need to do some thinking or want to memorize a script I'm working on. I like the trees, the water and there are many different nationalities of all ages who visit. If I go often in a particular week I begin to see the regulars who come. I remember once, I was preparing for a stage audition and went to the library to get the actual play to read. I thought to myself, "Where would be the best place for me to read and not be distracted?". Well, Lake Balboa came to mind and I found myself sitting on one of the benches, reading that stage-play until I finished. I was so excited! I did notice a number of people sneaking a peak at what I was reading. I guess they were also wondering what a young lady was doing on a Saturday afternoon, in a park, reading a book! There is a lot of other exciting things one can do on a Saturday I even had a few curious dogs stop by to take a sniff.

I do believe that we all should have a favorite place where we feel safe for relaxation, meditation, or a simple recharge after a rough day. It really does make all the difference. After taking a walk around Lake Balboa, people-watching, and seeing the ducks, I feel a lot better about anything that could be screwing with my mind. Sometimes you even find that there are some people worse off than you so why let things get so close to you. If you don't already have a favorite place to visit, I recommend putting that on your wish list to find. Some like to travel to distant islands but I like to keep my favorite place close to home where I can reach it just about anytime I need a serious breather.

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