Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The hardest lesson I’ve learned so far…in #BoostYourBlog Challenge

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The hardest lesson I've learned so far is that you have to be in control of your own destiny. When I was younger, I was very open to relying on others to get things done or delegating tasks that I needed completed because that's what I heard was best to do. I would find myself believing in people even more than I believe I should have, just to give them a chance to prove themselves. But, one things for certain, you must know when to trust your gut and when to say no. Sometimes, I know it's hard to use the word, "no". It's the most negative word in the dictionary but when everything comes down to it, it is necessary. It may sting at first and you may lose a couple of friends and/or family members, but it's your life at the end of the day. However, once the dust settles and both parties take into consideration what is all at stake, then a union is recovered. If someone loves you enough or believes in you enough, then they will stick by you regardless of how they may feel you should have done things.

When it comes to being in control of my own destiny, that's really up to me how I want my life to be and the story I would like to tell. People that I may work with, have their own agendas and goals they would like to achieve. If I want anything to be done right and to the standards I feel is sufficient, I must trust that I will do okay with the final say. However, respecting that who I am working with are valuable, trusting, and as reliable as me to get the job done. As I've said before, I can't do everything by myself and must learn to seek out experienced professionals but to a certain point. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to stand alone and make the big decisions. I believe we all have been there, but through those experiences we learn our hardest lessons.

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