Friday, January 18, 2013

Ten years ago…in #BoostYourBlog Challenge

Ten years ago I was almost one full year out of the military, living as a civilian. I was still trying to adjust to civilian life. I wasn't wearing the Army uniform anymore to go in to work. I had to actually learn how to coordinate clothing and style myself. It was a huge eye opener for me. I felt as if my bubble had burst and I was left in the middle of nowhere with a duffle bag. 

Photo from Olive-Drab
When you've been programmed at a particular standard, it really is hard to adjust to a new way. Change is inevitable, I know, but change is seriously sometimes difficult to accept even when you desire it. I guess it is true, in a way, how we as people are really never satisfied. We get what we want but then we see that it may not be all that we had hoped it would be. 

Back then I was learning a lot about routers, servers, and Microsoft workstations. I was becoming a technology gal. I had some experience in the military but getting on the inside of it all and understanding the language of the machines were interesting. I was fortunate to be hired right out of the military by a technology-based company. The economy was doing pretty well at that time. The people in my circle were thriving and making good livings for themselves. I was even working on my business degree, which I completed in 2006. 

Image from  Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

As I think back ten years, I was a different woman. I see how time has molded and reformed me. I see how my insights on life, my focus, and desires have changed. I can say now, that I am happy with my state of being. I have no regrets and have learned a lot about hard work, rejection, determination, and constant will.

It hasn't been easy but the thorns of life have brought me to this very moment where I can speak to you with a sincere heart and be thankful for this opportunity. With my experiences I have a voice and now my voice can be put into words to share with others.

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