Friday, January 25, 2013

My favorite Sunday ritual is…in #BoostYourBlog Challenge

My favorite Sunday ritual is not very complex at all. I like to keep things very simple. When I wake up on Sunday morning, I first, pray. I find that praying really gets me prepared for not only that day but the new start of the week. I then make myself a cup of hot Green tea, review my goals for the new week, and whatever happens after that is solely up to that day. However, I do find that I feel more at peace and renewed in my spirit on Sundays and prefer to stay in and just be to myself. I feel Sunday is the day that I really can relax and work on writing projects, creative endeavors, anything that I personally would like see finished. During the week, everything is moving so fast. I have to always be flexible with my time and if there is one day that I would rather have to myself, it would be on Sunday. A lot of my creative ideas and thoughts come to me, in my pajamas, on this day.

When I'm comfortable and free to relax, there is no limit to what I can think up. I also enjoy catching up on any movies I've put in my Netflix instant queue that I've heard about during the week. Even reading a book is a joy.

Everyone has something they like to do on Sundays and that could be attending church, visiting relatives, organizing  a get-together, or even Brunch. But whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it and it gives you peace. I do believe that one day of the week should be set aside for you to relax and recharge. Everyone will appreciate you more when you start fresh and in positive spirits.

Photo by gato-gato-gato on flickr.

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