Monday, September 3, 2012

Today is #LaborDay!

Wow! This year is rolling right along and now we've all reached another Labor Day! I was reading Wikipedia today about Labor Day and learned that there is some things that we celebrate on this day!

For Example:

  • It's a symbol for the END OF SUMMER!
  • It's considered the last day of the year TO WEAR WHITE or  seersucker! Yikes!
  • It marks the beginning of NFL and college football. GO FOOTBALL! I LOVE this sport by the way :)
  • Officially, all kids and students will return BACK TO THE BOOKS! 

I hope you enjoy your day of easy labor (FUN!!) with your family and friends. Have a barbecue! Do some baking! Have a party! But, whatever you do, have a lot of fun and be safe, of course.

Happy Labor Day!

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