Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering Where I Was on #Sept11

No one can imagine the pain of loss and watching this day unfold on a small television set as they showed planes going into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. I remember this day like it was yesterday because I was still an Army Sergeant, working four hours from the location in New York City and about 45 minutes from the Pentagon location at NSA. I watched the news broadcast on television and thought to myself, "Is this really happening?" as I saw female soldiers with children being released to get to their respective daycare.

Along with myself and others, we stayed to continue our mission and duties and wondered would a plane be reaching for us next. However, as I continued watching, I then realized that it skipped our location and a plane went into the Pentagon. The lives of so many changed on that day and will always be a wound unhealed no matter how much money and resources are provided to the injured and those who have lost someone.

honor the fallen by  notmyown 
At a nearby monument.
Actually taken not too long after September the 11th at a monument consisting of a steel I-Beam from the World Trade Center

The violence we saw on Sept 11 happens everyday in some countries as we watch the news from our television sets. However, when that reality of people in other countries come to our doorstep, it is a reality without words and understanding. I pray today for all those who have lost someone or those who continue to deal with health issues as a result of this malicious act. No one in any country should experience a Sept 11. It   makes me wonder can peace really exist in our times and if so when will it come.

I remember where I was on Sept 11 and will never forget those moments and how it changed the lives of so many.

Ground Zero: Flag by Snickup

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