Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#MakeBelieve Your Reality.

Photo by barrysmith
When you're a child, the opportunities to make believe are endless. You make believe that you're in a world with that yellow brick road or endless lakes of chocolate. There is no fighting and everyone loves each other just because it is the only thing you assume as truth. In a child's mind that is their reality. However, as you get older and begin to see that everything is not black and white, that people may not always see your vision or point of view, you begin to call your land of make believe foolish thinking. 

Creative expression is tied to this 'make believe' factor where we are all allowed to venture into this 'impossible', with hopeful expectations to bring those elements into our reality. Why must we lose our creative passions and access to make believe when that is the necessary piece to keep this world hopeful for a better future? We all have faced tests. Even as a child we face tests that challenge us to be better and venture beyond our own comfort zones to make believe and enhance our own ambitions for life. 
Photo by  naoto115

Once we begin to lose ourselves to our reality and limit the possibilities to make believe, we lose our way and become stagnant for a season or two. We are the rulers of our own destiny and the voice for each other. When I look at a child and how they roam so freely in their world of make believe, I am caught in a river of tears because I was once so free in my world of make believe. I was that child venturing into worlds I found safe and beautiful to me. 

However, lately, I have realized that all is not lost. I can allow myself to be free to make believe and create works that I find impacting. I am hopeful that my work will not fall on rocky roads but soil, rich in nutrients to nourish and inspire others just like me on their walks of purpose. 

Photo by  ZoofyTheJi
Today, I challenge you to create your land of make believe and not only experience it but share it with others by creating a way to bring it into your reality through art, photography, animationfilm-making, or public speaking. We are all creative bodies with messages for all to see and hear. Become that voice. 

Make Believe Your Reality. 

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