Thursday, September 6, 2012

There's #Power in Pauses or Delayed Moments within #Film Scenes

It continues to be a great adventure in my weekly acting workout class with Brian Reise Acting Studios. We learned how powerful and important the pauses are within a script and when they are present to make sure that you USE THEM! The writer of the script wanted that [pause] or contemplative moment for a serious reason. Here's an example of a  [pause] or contemplative moment  in this scene from the movie Instinct (1999). You will see how Anthony Hopkins is using those moments and breaks in his dialogue, to Cuba Gooding Jr., with mentions of his daughter and before the huge moment of the scene. These pauses can be 3 secs or longer, depending on the intensity of the moments leading up to the main event of the scene.

Watch below or on YouTube, Click Here.

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