Friday, September 14, 2012

The #ScreenTest for #Actors

During my weekly acting class with Brian Reise Acting Studios, we spoke about the Screen Test for Actors and how important it is to give your best. He recommended that if you don't do screen testing much, to practice the experience with your camera at home. It is another way to get prepared because many shows and films find their talent through them and you have to be ready for your opportunity. 

In class, we were able to complete a screen test and it was shot very simple in a tight frame on the facial region mostly. I felt very comfortable and anxious to see what I could learn from this experience during play-back. While watching, I began to imagine all the opportunities to come when I have to perform this task for a real opportunity. I know there are many actors that prefer not to watch themselves on camera. However, I am far from that because I believe that if I don't watch myself, how can I learn from my mistakes and take constructive criticism to improve? 

In screen testing, you really have to live in the moment and commit to the experience you are having with the character. I do recommend practicing because as I have learned, practice makes perfect!

Here are a couple of screen tests I ran across on YouTube. You may recognize the actors from the show or film they have been in:

Gabourey Sidibe's Audition Tape For Precious

Rachel McAdams Screen Test

Hugh Laurie - House's screen-test

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