Friday, September 21, 2012

Be #Grateful for the Opportunities -- Large and Small

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Beginning today, I will be joining the cast of a short film called Halo: The Fallen (Watch the test trailer below). Being a part of this production brings back memories for me in the military. I have no expectations of what will happen inside of me as far as process once I am all in the gear but I am hoping for a HUGE transformation. I trust myself. As an actress, I enjoy living in the moment with a character and really working off my fellow actors. I feel that if we all give 100% to the role, then we will deliver the lines of the script truthfully according to what the director is looking for in every scene. I look forward to the experience and can only be grateful for the opportunity to play.

When you begin a career as an actor, you get the question, "What have you done?". I sometimes don't know how to answer this question because I look at this career choice as a work in progress. Rome was not built in one day so whether I have worked on projects large or small, many or some far in between, they all have had some affect on my career up until now. I don't measure work in quantity, but in quality. I feel that in everything you do, no matter what career you find yourself, currently, you must perform at your best because you never know who's watching. I believe that's what makes this journey so special because you can write your own script, get a camera and team together and film. Then you can edit it up and share it out to the masses on YouTubeVimeo, or Funny or Die, not knowing how it will affect your life. Many people have found their beginnings this way and never looked back.

On today, I embark on another journey  in the role of a gunnery sergeant and possess gratitude for the opportunity. I hope that, today, you will embrace all gifts and surprises that are coming your way. Know that you are good enough and have the ability to do what you set out to do and believe that it will be done in its assigned time. 

Live a life of gratitude with every opportunity no matter how large or small you may think it is. You are necessary to its fruition. ~Selena

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