Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's #NFL Time! Who's Your Favorite #Team?

It's NFL Time! I've always been a football fan being from a family where football Sundays were HUGE! I guess it made it even easier for me to adapt to all the excitement being such a little tomboy. I learned all about the rules to the game and calling plays was naturally passed on to me. Most of my family and friends live on the East Coast and many of them are Redskin fans! Woo Hoo!

But, as for myself, I've been a fan of many great teams because they play aggressively and really make football watching very exciting. Their quarterbacks of now and past have really set a standard of how football should be played. I've listed some items from to show my team pics, but if your team is not down there, they are still AWESOME! The items, I've chosen are just my preferences and for the fans out there to purchase to get ready for all the barbecues, football parties, or stadium days in the rain and snow! Also, let me know, in a comment below, who's your favorite football team ;)

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Hey, football Fan! 

Who's your favorite team? 
I know it's pretty early to say who will win it all in the Super Bowl, but who do you want to win?

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