Monday, September 24, 2012

Is #Acting the #Career For You? - The #Waiting Game **VIDEO**

Have you thought about wanting to pursue a career as an actor? Is Acting the Career For You? If so, you have to be prepared to have patience and be persistent. Personally, I feel that an acting career is like any other career where you have to always be open and willing to learn, be teachable, and accept the good and bad days. 

Not all experiences will be memorable but those that are will stay with you for a lifetime. ~Selena

As an actor, you can't take things personally. I find myself going on commercial auditions and feeling grateful for the opportunity and willing to let God do the rest. I do believe that having a good support system in place is key for anyone who decides to pursue this career choice. There are many factors involved in how long it will take you to succeed or reach the level of success that you find comforting. It can take many years, months, or days to acquire the opportunity that is going to spotlight your best creative self but know that in everything you do, give it your best.

I was recently filming for three (3) days on Halo: The Fallen Fan Film and realized that this is just the career for me because I sat and waited for "a while" until another scene was filming. I found this time good for me to reflect and also prepare. In this career, you play the waiting game a lot and have to be okay with that. No one wants to work with someone who impatient or can't be still within themselves and around others. In this video, I provide some tips on how you can play "the waiting game" while on set and be successful. You can watch the video on YouTube or within this post below!

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