Sunday, May 27, 2012

What's in a Name?

Photo by JosephHart
This morning while browsing through my Facebook News Feed, I noticed one of my friends had posted some info on the meaning of their name. This had me reflecting on what's in a name

Personally, I believe that it is very important to name your children, dogs, cats, car, or whatever you hold dear, with the right names.

Believe it or not our names do create an energy of who we are. It can bring out the more sensual, responsible, creative, outgoing, and brilliant parts of ourselves or the not so good, negativity. Sometimes, mom and dad gets it right and sometimes they miss the mark. I have read about people disliking their names so much that they changed it in their adult life. In Hollywood, to attract more popularity or buzz, celebrities have opted to change their names. Have you thought about changing your name lately?

This even happened in the Bible. According to, NAME CHANGES IN THE BIBLE by Thomas F. McDaniel, Professor Emeritus:

Gen.17:15, the name Sarai was changed to Sarah, with the promise,“she will become nations; kings of people shall come from her. 
Gen. 35:10, the change from Jacob ("heel" or "deceit") to Israel ("to prevail" or "to become great in number") was, in fact, a statement of promise: "So his name was called Israel. And God said to him, 'I am God Almighty: be fruitful and multiply; a nation and a company of nations shall come from you, and kings shall spring from you."
So...What does your name mean? What's in a name? Do you see qualities that your name represent, hidden in your personality or how you carry yourself?

I found my name at this source and here's what I got: What Does My Name Mean

What does the name “Selena” mean? A name is much more than just a name!
S is for sensational, you know how to make a splash! 
E is for enjoy, your life can be fun! 
L is for luxury, the luxury of your smile. 
E is for expressive, not one to hold within. 
N is for nice, need I say more? 
A is for advantage, for you are blessed with many 
The name Selena is of Spanish origin and it means Moon. It’s a name commonly given to girls. 
According to the 1997 U.S. Social Security Administration data, the name “Selena” is not a popular baby girl’s name in Utah. Imagine that, only 18 babies in Utah have the same name as you in 1997. Across the entire United States a total of 1,968 babies also bear the same first name during the same year. The highest recorded use of the name “Selena” was in 1995 with a total of 3,812 babies. (That’s a lot of baby Selena)

OMG! It's tough being a popular person isn’t it? Since 1910, your name was recorded 38,096 times in American baby names history.Your name in reverse order is “Aneles”. A random rearrangement of the letters in your name (anagram) will give ‘Elsane’. (How do you pronounce that?) 
Source: What Does My Name Mean


  1. Salena was my mother-in-laws name. Such a beautiful name.
    -Joseph Hart fra Norge

    1. Wow, Joseph, that is so amazing! My name is Selena and her name was Salena. I do believe that there is no mistakes and maybe this was a way to bring back a good memory of her or something you would only know and remember about her. Thank you so much for uploading this nice pic!