Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let What We Know Come To Us

We are already connected to what we need. You don't have to chase after it. -Dr. Wayne Dyer

During my midday, I ran across this YouTube video, Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life, Part 1 and it really spoke to me about how to stay humble and let what we know come to us instead of caring so much about being noticed. 

The speaker is Dr. Wayne Dyer and he is a well-known author and speaker, who in this video, speaks about how celebrities and people in general are always in the media, on magazines, or are looking for some type of notoriety. 

We hear all the time in the industry of entertainment how important it is to build your fan base. Most of us are building our fans through twitter followers, Klout scores, Facebook Fans, and other sites, to get that exposure that we think we need to be successful. However, Dr. Wayne Dyer speaks about how important it is for us to visualize the "what we expect" and let it manifest into our lives because if we "let what we know come to us", then we will be in the right place to receive it. 

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