Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Record Player

Photo by hoshi306

When I was young, the record player was in style and my father played records all the time. The records ranged from gospel to Michael Jackson's BAD album. Before my parents went out to dance on the weekends the record player was used. It was so fascinating how a thin, black, piece of plastic had music embedded into it and could be played on this machine. 

I was also nervous when the record finished playing because sometimes my dad would want me to restart it and if you didn't place the needle on the record correctly, you could scratch it! Oh, boy, I didn't want to scratch one of his favorite records. Those were the days...

I recently saw a POV Short documentary called The Archive. It speaks about how passionate one man is about his vinyl records. He was so passionate that his wife recommended that he open a store because his collection was getting too large for their home. He then opened a store but what occurs later becomes the fascinating events to watch as Paul explains his dilemma.

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Watch The Archive on PBS. See more from PBS Online Film Festival.


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