Monday, May 28, 2012

Remembering on Memorial Day 2012

Wow, this day is very special to me because it's Memorial Day 2012, the day that we remember the fallen soldiers who sacrificed themselves for this country. 

I'm grateful to be an Army Veteran and still here to give of service to the greater good. I entered the Army as one woman and left with the spirits of soldiers in times past and present. I was a Morse Interceptor (98H) and learned so much about being a leader and how to support the team. I traveled to South Korea and experienced a different culture for the first time, which opened my eyes to how we are so similar and want good for our people.

On this Memorial Day, it is a time for sharing with family and friends, but take a moment to remember those military forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, Persian Gulf, WWI and WWII, and other wars, of times past that have provided us with the safety we have today. 

We don't have to see fighting in the streets every single day. There are no bombings through the streets everyday and massive deaths around every corner. We are fortunate and that's due to the protection our military men and women provide. 

I'm fortunate to have served in the United States Army and fortunate to be among them in spirit who continue to serve, with my undying support.

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