Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Building My Team - The Agent and Manager

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I have recently began a new journey or race as it's being called in the Representation Race by Dallas Travers. I have been doing lots of research on agents and managers in Los Angeles to, in the end, establish my team of experts. When I think about acting it is indeed a team effort. As the talent, you are making sure to create works or opportunities, for yourself, that will spotlight your skills while your agent and manager are pitching and negotiating on your behalf to their contacts as well. Everyone is continually working for the good of the team.

I have finally completed my full week of research using IMDBPro and many other resources in search of the best agents and managers for the place that I am, currently, in my acting career. I have narrowed down my list and wanted to share them with you to get any insights you may have. I would also like to receive feedback as to any agent or managers I should add to my list. I am looking to build my resume with more Costar roles and eventually venture into Guest star roles. I understand the importance of "crawling before I walk", which is a great way to appreciate the process while learning and growing.

Here is my list of possible Theatrical Agents:

The Gage Group
The Ward Agency
The Premier Talent Group
Media Artists Group
Metropolitan (MTA)
Greater Vision Artists Talent Agency
Almond Talent Agency

Here is my list of possible Managers:
Strong Management
Serendipity Entertainment
Access LA Talent Management
Evolution Entertainment
Shelter Entertainment
Anthem Entertainment
Cohen Entertainment
Rectangle Entertainment

It took a lot of researching to get to this point but I am running towards the finish line of success!

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