Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Healing Art Documentary

When I was a child I took care of my grandmother. The times were challenging but also memorable in ways. She was sick a lot as I remember but was strong and had a quick tongue if rubbed the wrong way. However, being between 12-17 years old I found her stories to be strange, amusing, and sometimes sad, as she relived them by jumping in and out of thought. I learned much about her and her imperfections.
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Today, I watched a POV Short documentary called A Healing Art. The documentary speaks about how artificial eye makers give hope to their family, friends and others who have lost a piece of their identity. As I watched this documentary, I began to have a flashback to the day I realized that my grandmother had an artificial eye. By this time, I was about 15-16 years old and my mom asked me to see if I could take it out to clean it. It had not been taken out for a while. I was so nervous inside but something peaked my curiosity and I wanted to know what was behind it and how it was made.

On that early afternoon, I opened the space protecting the artificial eye and removed it with success! I then looked at the blank space which was egg shell white with lots of red nerves running through it and then washed the eye off before eventually reinserting it. I felt like a skilled professional. I had done something that my mom did not want to do and only I had experienced.

After watching the documentary, A Healing Art, I was reminded how precious the people are who make the artificial eyes to ease the feelings of loss and giving new hope and peace to those who wear them.

Watch, Buy, Share the short documentary, A Healing Art, on PBS CLICK HERE

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