Saturday, October 2, 2021

My First Year Summer Garden Tour #GreenThumb

Hello everyone! I hope you have been well. I have been working on my first-year garden a lot this summer during this intense heatwave. Southern California hit 100 degrees in June. I don't know where Spring came and went, but I'm glad that I was still able to learn and apply some gardening knowledge so far this year. In the video below, I invite you into my first-year garden. This is my first summer garden tour and I'm excited to share everything that's been growing. I have been growing beautiful, gigantic, sunflowers, green peppers, tomatoes, asparagus, grapevines, a cherry tree, squash, and more. 

summer garden

I have learned SO much from many gardeners on Youtube and reading books and articles. I have been doing my research y' Now that it's about a week since the first day of Fall, I have also started three varieties of peas that I show you while on the summer tour as well. I recommend following the Farmer's Almanac, entering your zip code, and it will give you its historical recommendations on when to start your seeds, plant in the ground or raised bed soil, and transplant new crops. I am very surprised by the results I have been having so I mention "thrive" quite a bit throughout the I started off dealing with the aphids, whiteflies, and earwigs galore. That wasn't fun and it wasn't easy at first, but I learned what they all looked like and their habits of destruction and eventually figured it out, using Diatomaceous Earth and Insecticidal soap. It's never too late to start a garden and since I'm in Southern California I'm gearing up for my Fall garden and looking forward to showing you my first-year Fall garden tour for 2021. Stay tuned, thanks for watching, and happy gardening!

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