Sunday, October 24, 2021

Installing an Adjust-A-Gate Frame Kit Review #DIYProjects #ProductReview

Recently, I purchased an Adjust-A-Gate frame kit from Home Depot. I wanted to make my job easier than actually building a gate so I thought that I would give one of these kits a try. Since I used galvanized posts instead of wood posts, I had to use a different j-bolt setup, which I share below where I purchased that unit if you're interested. I also installed a 2-side lockable latch instead of the basic latch included with this kit. That information is below as well. Overall, after those basic modifications, I took my time and figured out how to get this gate frame kit installed. It comes with instructions, but I realized that it was still a bit of trial and error and learning as I went along. Fyi, the frame was shaky until I screwed the 2x4s on the frame, which tightened the extension I needed for the frame to reach the 5ft 7in. length I needed. I do recommend installing this frame kit and the fence pickets before you install your latch to ensure proper alignment and placement with your newly installed gate. While you are installing the j-bolts you can use the latch to get an idea of how far out you need to screw the j-bolts so you reach your key latch. Overall, I got it set up and the kit saved me time from building a wood gate. I would recommend it if you're not big on building an entire wood gate yourself.

Recommended Resources
Clamp on adjustable gate hinge pair (get the j-bolts too because the j-bolts in the frame kit will not fit this metal post hinge pair):

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